Men's Shoes

The only way to finish a brilliantly curated collection of menswear is with an equally brilliant selection of high quality designer men’s shoes. From luxurious Italian leather Oxfords to more casual styles, we offer shoes and boots constructed from the world’s best materials and designed by the finest brands.

Our premium footwear options can be as eye-catching or subdued as you prefer: whether you opt for the distinctive Southwest-inspired flare of Trask’s leather loafers or the classic artistry of Armin Oehler, these shoes are the perfect way to finish any outfit for any occasion. Our designer brand list currently includes Trask, Armin Oehler, DiBianco, and RM Williams.

One of the apparent indications of extraordinary brilliance in men’s fashion is the ability to pull together your entire look with a high quality men’s dress shoe. Imagine yourself stepping on a podium to receive an award or make an important presentation at a corporate event. When you are in the spotlight, the audience is bound to look you up and down head to toe.

It’s highly vital as a noble man of Cincinnati to pay ideal attention to your attire by investing your time, money and effort in classic artistry dress shoes. Your shoes can say a lot about you, and we want you to put your best foot forward!

Importance of A Men’s Dress Shoe

A popular quote of Tom Ford says “Shoes are always the most important thing for me because they are who you are. They change the way you walk; the way you move “. Shoes reveal how comfortable a man is whenever he’s out there in fashion styles. In other words, dress shoes show the personality of men by providing incredible comfort as discussed below.

Confidence and Attraction

Have you ever felt underdressed or out of place, amidst your friends or colleagues? Then you have to know how to build your self-confidence, which is ultimately complemented with the quality of shoes on your feet. You cannot wear classically branded footwear and be deprived of the feeling of confidence, self-esteem and comfort while walking or outdoors. This is simply because high-quality shoes are designed with a lot of skills, craftiness, and efforts integrated by craftsmen.

Besides, wearing good shoes also take your dressing to the next level, and make you look more dapper thereby getting you admiration for your colleagues, and the improving your self-confidence.

Happiness for Body and Feet

Good dress shoes not only activate confidence or give comfort to the feet and whole body but also help the customers to minimize back pains. There have been records that most of the people living in the world today have foot-related problems, and they are mainly caused by some things that impaired their daily lives which are strongly associated with their footwears and walking postures. For example, wearing a poorly made shoe because it’s cheaper, which consequently leads to the development of short injuries while walking on hard pavement for a long time.

However, a high-quality shoe helps to avert these alarming problems because they provide support for our body weight, protection from injuries and provision of comfort.

Body Alignment

High-quality shoes are designed and made to provide arch support and assistance for body alignment. The foot is like the bedrock of the body, and everything starts from the feet. If your feet are in pain, the whole system hurts. Well-designed dress shoes can help the feet adequately align with the body, and evenly distribute the body mass. This will aid in reducing pain and pressure on the body.


What Counts As a Men’s Dress Shoe?

To find an ideal and quality dress shoe, it’s highly essential to know the meanings relating to their respective names, the reason and the best time to wear them, and ultimately how to style them. Men’s dress shoes can be worn to both formal and semi-formal events, as well as special occasions including wedding ceremonies, dates or dinner, and business meetings, to mention a few.

All men’s shoes are generally designed to have a few comparable parts. Dress shoes typically have the upper part- consisting of the toe and vamp for covering the forepart of the foot, and the back part which includes the quarters while bottom part is the sole and it consists of layers of either natural/artificial leather or rubber.

But the quality of a dress shoes is technically determined by the type of material used for the design, the details inscribed on them and the extent of the piece of exceptional craftsmanship. The most frequent and preferable material used is leather. In fact, most dress shoes are skillfully made with 100% genuine leather stitched together to create a stylish, comfortable, and durable shoe.

More importantly, as a gentleman or a casual man, possessing a pair of dress shoes is a basic necessity. Dress shoes give you a suitable combination to your outfit and make you look appropriate for every occasion. The shoes pull the entire outfit together making you look exceptional; they are the climax of your style and give you a great image.


How To Style A Men’s Dress Shoe

As previously mentioned, suitable dress shoes like brogues, oxfords, or loafers are the crown of all clothing combinations provided you effectively incorporate them into your look. You can combine them into any of your favorite pair of denim or semi-formal shirt for a good informal outlook. Additionally, you can also cruise your knitted sweater for a completely classy look!

On the other hand, dress shoes are typically worn for a formal event by stylishly combining them with a suit or sport coat to get that perfect look. Some of the best classic dress shoes include:

The Black Oxford

If you see yourself as a superstar, then a pair of Oxford dress shoes is a necessity for you. Oxford shoes, especially of black, have a simple glossy look which makes it best for formal occasions. It’s a definition of an elegant and classical yet unlimited product for both formal apparel and casual arena. They originated as far back as the 1800s when Oxford University was in desperate need of an improved shoe style.

So, once you buy a pair of Oxford dress shoes; then you know that any of your formal or business outings would highly be complemented. But for proper maintenance, just ensure the shoes are shined thoroughly to prevent it from losing its brightness.

Most men’s shoes can be worn formally and semi-formally but we suggest not wearing Oxfords with jeans or khakis, but instead saving them for your formal attire only.

The Brown Brogue

Originally, the brown leather brogue is from the marshy bogs of Scotland and was designed with real holes to drain out water. It has a traditional perforation at the upper layer which gives it a distinct character which is absent in other shoes. Brogues are very versatile, but there are some limitations when a light brown shoe is paired with dark suits.

Nonetheless, the medium dark brown design looks great on all suit colors except black.

Leather Brogue boots are mutually compatible with both jeans and suits; however, they can also be used for rugged or field jobs.  So for a cool casual and stylish pair of shoes, that refine your outfit, you need a brogue that pairs with a button-down shirt and a complementary denim jean.

Slip-on Loafer

The Slip-on loafer was initially made as house dress shoe for King George IV. They are practical shoes without lace but make you super comfortable. Loafers make your feet have a perfect shape even without wearing socks. They’re perhaps the best footwear for the summer, and more suitable for everyday wear as opposed to more formal footwear.

For the men out there that are most interested in comfort, these are the shoes for you. The loafers in a way, are an appropriate way to essential wear slippers outside of the home. You can  pair them with ankle-length chinos, straight-cut or light-wash jeans, a fancy patterned shirt and dark shades. You’ll look stylish and smart without any compromise to comfortability!

The Monk Strap

Are you interested in looking exceptional yet staying elegant and stylish in your fashion game? The Monk Strap dress shoe is the best match for you! Similar to an Oxford in pattern and silhouette but it’s distinguished with the fastening system of either single or double-buckle closure. It has a full leather strap across the upper of the shoe which makes it unique in adding prestige to your whole look.

The beauty of Monk Strap dress shoes lies in their diversity. They can be worn in a series of occasions with both casual ripped jeans and suit combinations. They are an elegant alternative to casual laced dress shoes.

Leather Lace-Up

Assuming your rack is already fortified with fantastic pairs of oxfords, loafers, brogues and monk straps, then the next best option is the leather lace-up boot. This is an entirely different style of boot necessary to leverage the group to the trending standards. Unlike the other designs, there are different varieties and types that can be selected to suit your taste and interest.

The Chelsea boots are a slip-on style with an elastic ankle which makes them more comfortable and flexible for both day and night out activities. The Chukka boot is a necessity for every man out there that loves basic and simple but yet stylish and elegant shoes. Meanwhile, the wholecut leather dress shoe radiates pure elegance through a smooth surface and a narrow shape. It’s versatility, and high-quality leather is undoubtedly the best for your wardrobe.

The leather lace-up dress shoe is exquisite when paired with casual evening wear, or stylish weekend wear. The boots can also be paraded with a T-shirt, as well as tailored jacket plus a pair of jeans for any weekend outings. These boots are a great option for the more casual man who doesn’t have many formal events to attend.


Best Brands for Men’s Dress Shoes

Being familiar with types of fashion styles isn’t good enough compared to knowing the best and trending products. In fact, there are several types of men’s dress shoes out there, but we must tell you there are exceptional ones which only you deserve. These top-notch shoe brands are skillfully crafted with 100% genuine leather layers done with a quality sole, solid stitching, and timelessly elegant design. Many a few of these quality brands include:


Trask shoes’ brand is a great icon on American Men’s Shoe industry with a passion to produce something that not only looks different but feels noble too. Their products are of ageless design, with enhanced cushioning and sustenance. Trask is a brand that’s committed to creating stylish shoes for generations.

Armin Oehler

Armin Oehler offers something much more than classic men’s dress shoes; it’s comfortability! If as a businessman, you have to run an errand for your business and organization, this brand is suitable for your convenient movement. Their shoes are breathable, water-resistant, and most importantly, long-lasting. However, they’re topmost impeccable designers.

Allen Edmonds

Your hard-earned money deserves nothing than reasonable expenses which your feet that take you everywhere deserve. Getting a pair of Allen Edmonds is also a good beginning for blessing your feet. Apart from timeless quality shoes, the brand is a spice to personality and trendiness.

It Begins Now!

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At Hellman Clothiers, we understand the needs of our impeccable customers to own and wear high-quality shoes. Our shoes are here to boost your confidence while maintaining good body posture and comfortability. We strive daily for you to earn our trust, by providing good leathered shoes, strong brands and trending designs thereby enabling you to build your one of a kind shoe collection with us.