5 World Class Brands You Wouldn't Expect To See In Cincinnati

1. Autumn Cashmere 


This brand is one of the best of the best knitwear brands in the world. Coming this fall and winter, cashmere is a must have wardrobe piece. We don’t suggest going with any cashmere, Autumn Cashmere is much more than that. 

This brand does a great job of providing you luxurious items that can be worn as everyday staples. They stick to a classic silhouette while getting creative with their colors and textures. Our favorite piece from their fall and winter collection is this camo print zip up sweater. It’s cool, but very practical at the same time. You won’t be looking like a dad in this outfit. 

2. Ferrante 


Just like our passion at Hellman Clothiers is to bring you the best brands from around the world, Ferrante has always been inspired by a deep passion: that for quality, for elegance, for well-dressing.

When we are choosing world class brands to carry, we like to make sure they have credibility and history to back up their product, but bring innovation to the table as well. Ferrante does both of those things. 

Our favorite fall Ferrante pick is this charcoal grey sweater. The ribbed turtleneck and pattern throughout makes this item truly one of a kind. 

3. Eleventy 

Not only does Eleventy bring a whole new level of elegance, they also do their part when it comes to sustainability. A brand that can be elegant and sustainable is unbeatable in our book.

This brand is specifically from Italy and they are proud of it. They are working to defend their heritage and their ambition is to help the finest Italian manufacturing tradition to surpass itself.


Our favorite Eleventy item in store is this small houndstooth overcoat. We suggest this coat if you’re looking for an easy way to level up your wardrobe during these colder months. 

4. Jacob Cohen

If you’re looking to indulge in world class jeans, we have the brand for you. If you’re wearing denim on a daily basis, we believe this to be a very practical purchase. 

Jacob Cohen’s jeans are known for their comfort, high-quality fabrics and exclusive elegance. As soon as you put a pair on you’ll understand the magnificent tailoring and wearability of the denim. This is brand is dangerous, because you may end up going home and throwing away the rest of your denim. 


Our favorite fall pick is this green shade! 

5. Latorre

Sartoria Latorre was founded  in 1965, initially as a little local company, to produce made-to-measure suits. Having plenty of years to perfect their made-to-measure process, you can recognize a Latorre garment by it’s perfect fit, faultless details, and made-to-measure elegance.