The Simplified Way to Tie a Bowtie

As a one stop shop for all men’s luxury wear in Cincinnati, Ohio, there’s no hiding our love for bowties. A bowtie is one of the best ways to stand out among a crowd, comply to a black tie dress code, or simply show your personality.

A bowtie is normal when it comes to men’s fashion, however it’ll still keep you fresh among the crowd. You won’t have to worry about twinning with your next door neighbor when he pulls out his traditional tie. 

A bowtie can be a casual or a formal accessory depending on how you choose to wear it. If the event does not require a suit, then your best bet is to pair a bowtie with a sport coat. A wedding is the perfect occasion to spice up your traditional formal look and show off some character.  Bowtie's have a reputation for having very fun and exciting prints and colors. 

They also pair back really well to tuxedo's. So just because a bowtie can be worn with a sport coat, doesn't mean it can't be formal as well. In fact, when wearing a tuxedo, you are have to wear a bowtie, there are no if's, ands, or buts about it. 

However, due to lack of knowledge and practice, men typically avoid bowties because they are rather difficult to tie, or at least are perceived to be difficult.

Men, we have a challenge for you!  No more clip ons, or pre-tied bow ties, we challenge you to learn how to tie a real bowtie. One of our customer’s Richard has volunteered to help us make a quick tutorial on how to tie a bowtie in thirty seconds or less.

If something can be done in thirty seconds or less, how hard can it really be? If you break it down into five easy steps, it is much easier to digest.  

Step 1: Hang the bowtie around your neck and let one side hang 1.5 inches longer (A) than the other side (B).

Step 2: Bring the longer side (A) over top of the shorter side (B) and then loop underneath to create half of the knot.  

Step 3: Repeat step 2 to create the full knot- loop side (A) over top and around side (B).

Step 4: Take the right side (A) and fold it in half, loosen the knot and tuck half of the folded piece into the knot.

Step 5: Take the left side (B) and fold it in half to the make the other half of the bowtie by tucking it into the knot.

Feel free to pause the video as many times as you would like and remember practice makes perfect! The more you practice this, the easier it will come to you.

Keep in mind, there are a few different ways to tie a bowtie, so if this method doesn’t make sense to you, try another one!