5 Style Tips For Guys Who Want To Look Sharp

There is a big difference between getting dressed, looking average and looking sharp! What we mean by sharp is heads turning, people complimenting you, wondering where you purchased your clothing type of reaction. Here is just how you make that happen.


One thing we try to tell all of our customers to do, is to accessorize! If you walk into our store, you will automatically notice how sharp our mannequins look. One of the reasons they look this way is because we always fully accessorize them. We believe an outfit isn’t complete without accessories. 

Some easy accessories you could start incorporating in your wardrobe include:


Groom Yourself

You may be wondering what grooming has to do with style, but it has a lot to do with it. If your hair is grown out and not maintained, your beard hasn’t been trimmed and you have hair growing down your neck, your clothing just simply won’t look sharp. 

Take Care of Your Clothing

Not only is it important to have sharp clothing, but clothing typically only looks sharp, if it’s been well maintained. What do we mean by this? 

Some questions you can ask yourself about your wardrobe include:

  • Does it get dry cleaned if it’s need to be dry cleaned? 

  • Is it ironed? 

  • Does it have stains? 

  • Does it fit correctly?

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Get Outside of Your Comfort Zone

Have you had the same style for years? Maybe you’re comfortable in it, and you don’t have to put much thought into getting dressed in the morning, but that isn’t style! 

One way to look sharp, is to always keep your wardrobe sharp. Stay up to date on trends, visit Hellman Clothiers frequently, and try new things! 

Some new trends you could try this summer include:

Incorporate Layers

One easy way to look sharp is to layer up. This may be more challenging in the hot summer months, but layers always add more appeal to your look. The more depth, the more thought that went into it, and the more contrast between items, the sharper you’ll look.