5 Killer Menswear Buys This Fall


1. Ferrante Double Breasted Blazer

The double breasted blazer is making a comeback. Many people have different opinions when they hear “double breasted.” Some immediately think back to the olden days when your sport coat was big and baggy, or maybe, you immediately think of Great Gatsby. 

Either way, the double breasted blazer is making a comeback and you don’t need to have some fancy dinner plans to make it work. This specific double breasted sport coat by Ferrante gives off a sharp smart casual look. 


The material is on the casual side, and the design is on the formal side, giving you that perfect in between.

2. Waterville Vest

This time of year, you never know what the weather is going to give you. It’s always a game of dressing warm enough without dressing too warm. There’s nothing worse than feeling cold and there’s nothing more annoying than having to lug around your big winter coat. 

Our Waterville vests are a great purchase for this in-between weather. It’s the perfect amount of layering without suffocating you. 


These vests come in a few different colors, giving you the option of keeping it cool with a neutral or adding some spice into your look with a pop of color. 

3. Brax Colored Trousers

“The Feel Good” pant that will make you feel good all fall/winter long. Just like the vests, these pants come in a plethora of different shades. 

A comfortable and well tailored trouser is a game changer in any man’s wardrobe. 


These pants are shaped from more than 26 miles of stretch Pima cotton yarn giving them a supreme fit and comfort, allowing them to wear these pants all day long.

4. Eleventy Sweater

There’s more to a sweater than warmth. Eleventy takes the sweater game to an entirely new level. 

They take into encounter, material, texture, comfort, and style. 

This sweater is technically a cardigan style, and is a perfect lightweight layering option for the fall. Layer it over your favorite button down and you’re ready to hit the road.


5. Houndstooth Overcoat 

It’s a no brainer that overcoats are  a necessity when it comes to fall menswear. But, I bet you didn’t know that you needed a houndstooth overcoat? 

This overcoat by eleventy is just the item you need to take your wardrobe up a level. The blue is subtle but bold all at the same time.