Men's Suit Trends: Colors, Fabrics, Prints and Patterns

The world of fashion is forever dynamic and no matter the changes it undergoes, suits will always be an integral part of it. Suits are a significant form of menswear which is worn during a special event like prom, a wedding or any other formal gathering. Aside from official events, suits are also worn during different seasons like winter, fall, spring and so on. Men’s suits are now undergoing some changes as there are now new designs and what used to be bizarre in the past are now acceptable. This article aims to do justice to these trends, enjoy.

Men’s Fall Fashion Key Colors

Color is a vital feature to consider in fashion. Today, there are changes in the trend of color that is winning the market. At Hellman Clothiers, our experts have discovered the latest color directions which have been impacting the menswear market. Also, our team unravels crucial shades used by top international shows. We take it upon ourselves to identify the new trends of shades that will the best fit for your collection via in-depth analysis and evaluation of the commercial value and longevity of each trend. This makes it easy for you when you want to decide on what shade to use. Below are some examples of the critical colors identified by our experts.

Black Navy

The black navy provides a blackened cast to your appearance and offers a more elegant look to your suit. Also, it serves as a directional alternative to black for special formal events without taking away the feeling of sophistication associated with casual silhouettes. Soft, tactile finishes and fabrications make the color look fantastic and prevent saturated hues from looking overly flat.



This color is an excellent fit for men’s suit, especially when injected and saturated with a spicy yellow undertone. This classic hue gives a great look to clean utility wool, cotton, and corduroy.


The blue-shade of spruce green is one of the leading colors for all market. This color is often displayed in head-to-toe ways and looks great on clothing materials like cotton sateen as well as wool flannel.

Soft Acid

This is a human made tone of citron green which gives a stunning appearance to fuzzy mohair sweater including other basic falls styles. It provides an almost intense electric level; hence, it is one of the most directional hues in the men’s fall fashion.

Concrete Pond

This grey-based shade of green is making a tremendous impact in the menswear market. It radiates a sense of masculinity when complemented with navy blue and tailored grey.


This cool purple-based charcoal gray is an excellent fit for menswear during winter.

Ivory Tusk

This winter white hue gives a refined and classy look to men’s suit.


The blue hue has taken the world of fashion by surprise and is now a trending alternative for fall/winter assortment.

How to Add Color to Your Wardrobe

Have you ever woke up in the morning to get prepared for the day only to walk to your closet and discover that your clothing comprises of the same three colors? It’s annoying, right? But not as frustrating as when you decide to introduce some new color to your wardrobe but have no idea what color to add or how to go about it. To do this, all you need is the tips below.

Introduce Colored Socks

Colored socks are designed with exciting patterns and prints, making them an excellent choice if you wish to spice up your wardrobe. Although wearing them they may seem hidden, when you start walking, people will begin to get a glimpse from time to time.

Try New Things With Accessories

Accessories go a long way in providing a variety of options for your wardrobe; hence, you need to experiment with them. You can do this by getting accessories with different colors in your closet. This may seem weird at first, but it is beneficial because they will provide several alternatives for you when you want to get dressed. Provided you are selective about what color you pair with your outfit, it shouldn’t look overdone and will only add extra value to your appearance.



Another great way to introduce new colors to your wardrobe is to look at the color of the dress on your closet and try to get clothes with different colors from the ones you have. You can also get clothes with different designs on them. For example, if you are feeling too formal and straight forward with your plain t-shirt, then wearing a shirt with different design will help you look more vibrant.

Checked Shirts

An excellent way of improving color on your wardrobe is through checked shirts. These shirts have patterns which makes one look more subtle because the color is separated out thereby creating a less structured appearance.

Use Prints

Another great way of adding color to your wardrobe is through the use of prints and florals. Prints provide extra value compared to checked shirts and when used correctly; they make a massive impact on your wardrobe. Hence, try not to limit yourself to jackets, go for shirts and even trousers with excellent prints.

How to Properly Mix Prints and Patterns

Sometimes you gaze at the mirror only to get confused on what sport coat you should pair with the printed Eton dress shirt you just purchased from Hellman Clothiers. You may be in doubt whether to use a solid or let’s say a subtle plaid. In the past, fashion rules and trends made us think that once a piece is printed and busy, then we only have to complement such a piece with a solid item. During these periods, mixing patterns would make everyone laugh at you. Today, things are changing as there are always new trends and methods of doing things. Below are some excellent ways to mix prints with patterns.

Examine The Pattern

If you want to wear a formal outfit to an event, and immediately a pattern comes to your mind, then that is your check print. Today, a lot of sports coats and suits have some checked print which has always been indispensable in the world of men’s fashion. Checks occur in several scales for instance, subtle vs. bold, close together vs. spread out, thin vs. thick and so on. As a result, what you need to do is examine the details of the check because it makes it easy for you to determine what will and will not match.


Concerning stripes, the essential thing to consider is the direction of the line. For instance, if you want to wear a striped layer on another, what you need to do is ensure that the directions vary between shirt and jacket or trouser and jacket. This means if you have a horizontally striped dress shirt then you have to go for sport coats with vertical pinstripes. Also, if you have a horizontally striped trouser, then you need to pair with a vertical shirt.

The Color Palette

Aside from the prints and patterns, the color you are mixing is crucial. When choosing a color, you don’t have to be monochromatic, but you need to stay within a tight range of color. Mixing multiple colors is going to make you look like a clown which you don’t want to happen.

Practice Makes Perfect


This saying is true because whenever you want to try anything new in life; all you need to do is engage yourself in constant practice until you get your desired result. All the tips in this blog are useless if you don’t give them a try because the more you try, the better you become.

Stop In Hellman Clothiers

If you have tried several times trying to mix different patterns or prints but seem not to get the result you desire. Don’t lose interest just yet, there is another alternative. Hellman Clothiers offers fantastic suits, dress shirts, sports coats and trousers, all you need to do is stop by the store, and we will help you customize your outfit with the print and pattern you desire.

Suit Fabrics

During winter and fall, the weather becomes cold and the temperatures start to drop. Therefore you will need to opt for the specific fabric in your suits during the coming months when the temperature will only drop forcing you to choose an outfit with thick material and still want to maintain the sharp look you so desire. Winter and fall don’t have to be boring you know, all you need is a suit with the perfect fabric and design.

What To Expect From a Winter Suit

During summer, you need a suit with light and breathable fabric such as linen; however, this suit will only make you miserable during winter and fall. You can have a specific suit if you live in a temperate region, otherwise you need to have designated suit selection for at least the winter and summer periods. Hence, to get the best from a winter suit, you need to pay attention to the construction and fabric of the suit.

Let’s look at some typical examples

Wool Suit

Till this day, wool has been the most popular fabric for suits. It is widely known for its ability to maintain its form and look nice. Also, it is admired for its versatility as it can be made to be loose and breathable for summer and even tight and warm for fall and winter. The above qualities have made wool the number one choice for suits on the market for decades.

Cotton and Linen

Although travelers dread this fabric during travels abroad and summer months, cotton and linen are excellent fabric to consider during spring and summer. When used to make a suit, it is usually beautiful and luxurious especially linen which offers a blend of cotton as well as silk.


This fabric is no doubt the most luxurious and coveted on the market because of its unparalleled comfort, soft texture, and most significantly warmth. However, aside from the fact that cashmere is expensive one drawback of this fabric is its lack of durability.

Tweed Suit


One unique feature of the tweed suit is that it always gives timeless comfort to the wearer. This fabric is designed from wool by joining three differently colored yarns, and then twilling is done. Twilling means weaving yarn such that it creates a distinct pattern which is unique and different from other types of fabric.


Flannel is another typical example of a winter suit fabric made to give protection against cold climates. Although flannel was ideally designed for more mature men, today, it is redesigned for the bold and stylish modern gentleman. However, one setback of this fabric is that it may not always be comfortable in an office environment due to its weight.

Herringbone Suit

This fabric looks a lot like tweed and is warm, heavy and durable. The thin zig-zag pattern of this fabric is what distinguishes it from tweed. Like tweed, herringbone suits are designed from twilled yarn which is usually from material like flannel or wool.

Fashion always undergoes changes in trends and the same can be seen in men’s suit. This trend ranges from changes in the reigning designs, prints and patterns, to deviations from what used to be the norm.

Final Words

Now that you have some education on color, fabric, and suit trends, you are ready to get inspiration and start shopping for your perfect suit. However, knowing about these tips and trends, isn’t enough, you need to apply them to your wardrobe.