7 Men's Suit Accessories for Stocking Stuffers

It's no surprise that an elegant and well-designed suit will make almost every man look sharp. However, it is important to pair it with some beautiful accessories to make it stand out in the crowd. The right accessory can give a formal outfit a modified flare or improve just an ordinary look to something more. A men’s suit without accessories, just looks like an incomplete outfit.

There are numerous suit accessories out there in the market, however one needs to be careful and thoughtful when choosing these accessories. Here are some tips to choose accessories that can show an effortless polish and take your suiting to the next level.

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The Importance of Your Accessories

Accessories garnish your outfit almost like ornaments garnish a Christmas tree. Think of a broad chest emphasized by a pocket square, as opposed to no pocket square. In the actual sense, getting dressed is much more than just putting on clothes.

Everyone wants to look good, but the only problem is, it takes real effort. However, with practice, the real effort eventually becomes effortless.

Choosing a Watch

Why do we need watches in this era of smartphones? When it comes to style, the smartphone replaces the functionality of a watch. Since it is no longer as functional as it once was, it is now a pure statement piece.

Practically, there is one concern that a watch is now limited to providing the time when your phone dies. But in modern day, this concern is minimal regarding real practicality. This makes the benefit of owning a watch the possession of true, weighty craftsmanship.

A few years ago, many of us were most likely satisfied with a beautiful design that didn’t break the bank.In the practical sense, we might need something more than that now and it is sensible to invest in quality.

A watch reflects the personality of the owner, and there are no hard and fast rules. However, our advice when wearing with a men’s watch are as follows:

Minimalist Faces

For daylight events, choose a classic minimal face with a white faced watch and with a brown leather strap, while for the evening or black tie events choose a black-faced watch with a black leather strap.

Avoid Bulky Watches

Avoid a bulky face watch. Especially if you are the one with thin wrist avoid 44mm diameter faces with a deep case. A suit is about clean lines, and this type of watch is most likely to break the clean lines. Also, avoid classic sports watches with metal straps for more casual events.

Match Your Watch to Your Personality

Your watch reflects your personality. If you are the types that like classic work of leather opt for any antique style on your wrist, or if you are the type that likes touch or flair then you should choose a watch that has a punchy accent with the hands.

The Pocket Watch

There is a pocket watch for the eccentric people. Are you comfortable wearing one? If not, it is put in the waistcoat if you have one. The hanging fob should be just like lady’s charm bracelet, an opportunity to show some personality though antique fob remains the best.

The Single Albert is the old style of the chain while the while the Double Albert is formed from the second length from the T-bar to another fob in the opposite waistcoat pocket. For someone that doesn’t wear a waistcoat, fasten the T-bar to your lapel and put the watch in your breast pocket. Though it should give an inflection to the suit and not dominate the entire outfit.

Choosing Cufflinks


Cufflinks are both an opportunity and a curse. Putting them on in the morning can be a pain. However, their significance in a double cuff cannot be underestimated. Have you ever been given funny cufflinks as a joke? Don’t think you can’t wear them! We just suggest pulling them out only for casual day time events.  For more formal events, choose simple gold and silver made of settings like stones or mother of pearl.

Art Deco Cufflinks

Concerning the age-old debater or trigger or chain, chains are generally deemed more formal- probably due to what a terrifying they can be to put on. Triggers may be a modern convenience but are a joy to put on.

Choosing Pocket Squares

It is essential that pocket squares should be part of your wardrobe because they are now attracting more attention in men’s fashion world. Make sure not to be influenced by boring department store combinations of pocket squares and ties. A colorful and vivacious pocket square represents one of the best ways to exhibit your personality while you are dressed up.

Look for one that most fit the color of your shirt for a more conservative look, or make it match with the rest of the outfit for a more exciting vibe. A neutral or white pocket square can as well be used to tone town a strident suit or brightly patterned tie.

Choosing Ties

Ties enable one to exhibit his personality while not contradicting the conservative dress codes that exist in some work environments or social occasions. There are several things you may need to consider when choosing your tie and this may include the color and pattern matching to your shirt, jacket and any other accessories like the pocket square, and thinking about the textures.

Bold Patterned Ties

With solid colored shirts such as sky blue or white and a classic suit color such as navy, you are free to experiment with brighter colors and patterns tie, and you can provide something different if you wish.

Matching Colors

You can have the best look when your tie combinations to the color of your suit are balanced. If you wish to match your suit color on the opposite side, then blue and navy color pair well with orange and red.

Pattern Matching

Pattern matching has one main rule, which is you don’t directly match your tie to your suit pattern regarding pattern itself, but more importantly the size of the design. For instance, for houndstooth suit, choose a tie with a little pattern such as polka dots, or a larger pattern.

Tie Bars

You are free to dress up straight ties with any the tie bars and tie pins, but there is little advice on tie bars. Aim for your tie bar to be about 3/4 of your tie width. Although it might not be wrong for it to be the width of your tie, having a tie bar the full width of your tie, you might be effectively cutting your tie in half, and it runs the vertical beauty of the tie. It should also be noted that a tie bar should also be placed between the 3rd and 4th button of your shirt.


It is sad that braces are essentials that are now forgotten. The effort we see now is the narcissistic throwing off a jacket to show the clip-on underneath. These aspiring dandies forget that the clips on this stands to minimal, flying off at any least tension such as slipping a hand into your pocket.

The first braces are made of convention buttoning with leather ends and thick cloth that does not stretch.


Quality braces make a statement, one of magnificence craftsmanship rather than mass-produced synthetics. These braces work. Trousers should be hung, and this is beautifully achieved by pairs, unlike a belt that locks the waistband to the hips. The braces will hold the crease so that it hangs correctly.

Suit is meant to form a unique, vertical aesthetic but for the fact that belts provides a horizontal break in the middle of the suit then suit trousers should not be worn with a belt, if not braces then side adjusters are the other means of keeping them in place.

The dressed feeling of braces might be difficult to beat, knowing well that the suit is the modern day armor.  Braces help to pull you together, your trousers higher and shirt held in. Another benefit includes our wool box-cloth material is relief of not being stretched across you.


Suspenders are a nice retro accessory; they are now attracting more attention since one can mix and match them with any kind of suit. If carefully chosen they can look elegant with casual seersucker suit or fit in well at the black-tie affair.

Seasonal Scarf

A seasonal scarf is vital during the colder months, while also lightweight one could be necessary for the spring and fall seasons. Scarves were a staple in men’s wardrobes long time ago, most common among the military thanks to their vigorous usefulness across all weather conditions.

A colored scarf offers the opportunity to add some excitement to a dull charcoal suit or black overcoat.. while cotton and linen scarves are best for colder months (summer), go for wool and cashmere during the winter to stay warm.

A well-designed suit will always look good, but you can step it up with how you choose your accessories to look as if you are styled from the pages of GQ.

The essentials things you need to know are complementing primary and secondary colors through your suit and accessories rather than directly matching.

Also, watch your texture matching. From our view, a highly textured suit jacket, like heavy wool does not fit a shiny silk tie or pocket square. You don’t need to have to match textures directly, just make sure to balance it up.

Now that you know the importance of accessories in men’s suits, you need to start implementing what you have learned. If have no clue where to get them or how to make your shopping easier, visit Hellman Clothiers, where you have access to the best men’s suit accessories.