Men's Fashion: Top 5 Fall Travel Items

Nothing is more appealing through the year as the long-awaited fall days. Not only nature transforms itself, but fashion, style, and the way people dress changes accordingly.

We can notice all the warm and neutral tones and different textures such as flannel, fleece, and plaid that dominate especially in these few fall months. Yes, the mornings and evenings can be brisk but throughout the day the sun still shines bright keeping us warm. This type of weather requires a special type of dressing- which we like to call layering.

Layering allows you to combine all your favorite pieces of clothing. Perfect right? You can forget about the days when you were indecisive about whether to wear a classic shirt with a coat, or your favorite colorful knitted sweater with a casual sport coat on top. Now, you can wear all three of them. Yes, absolutely, don’t be scared to combine interesting prints and patterns with neutral fall colors such as beige, brown, deep burgundy, navy, or green. Not only you will look stylish hence of the prints but you will look elegant because of the neutral tones too. It is a win-win situation.

But what happens when you have to pack your suitcase, and leave town? Weekend getaway with your friends or maybe a business road trip? Already thinking about what to pack?

No worries, we got you covered. We have created an essential list with our top 5 items. Being mindful rather than just throwing things into your suitcase might save you from a lot of trouble on your road trip. The very last thing you want to do while being someplace important such as a certain conference (business related) is to look unprofessional. The way people perceive you nowadays is linked to the way you dress. So, of course, you don’t want to make the wrong first impression.

Without further due, here are the top five must-have travel items in your suitcase this fall.

  1. Travel Sport Coat


The sport coat is the ultimate symbol of a casual yet sharp style that can be combined in both semi-formal and casual combinations. It’s versatility and comfort are what puts it among the favorite pieces of clothing among men. Additionally, they are more affordable when compared to the classic suit jackets. The sport coat can also be a part of your everyday outfits unlike the more formal ones.

The best thing about the Sport Coat, it can be worn on both occasions, with your favorite slim fit jeans and with a pair of trousers. This is only one of the reasons why we love it and you should too. Moreover, it even comes in a number of colors, patterns, and fabrics such as tweed, flannel, herringbone, shepherd's check, and houndstooth. Don’t be afraid to experiment nor to show your true colors. Yes owning a few classic and elegant suits is a must but so is owning some fall appropriate sport coats. You will surely find it handy when you want to look stylish without putting too much effort into it. Just throw it across your shoulders and there you have it!

If you are going out for a casual dinner, you can wear your favorite sweater underneath to create a seamless fall combination. On the other hand if you wear it with a semi-formal shirt you can dress up for a certain business meeting.

One coat suitable for almost every single combination, it does sound like a dream come true. Don’t be scared to invest in a high-quality travel coat. Be careful to choose a durable yet light fabric that will last not only through one, but through multiple road trips.

Furthermore it should fit you like a glove, “snug” and fitted where you want it, and comfy where you need it to be manufactured from materials that are not easy to wrinkle or damage. Trust us when we say it will easily become one of your favorite on-the-go pieces.

2. Tailored Designer jeans

The next item on our list is the tailored jeans. They`ve created a massive “boom” in the fashion industry.

Are they appropriate for semi-formal occasions? What happened to the classical trousers? Are they a true representation of class and elegance or just a simple trend that will be easily forgotten?

The tailored designer jeans are literally all over the place. Men are obsessed with purchasing them, wearing them, combining them. And why shouldn’t you be? Other than enhancing your figure and making you look great, you also feel great in them. So why obey to the old-school rules of what you should and shouldn’t wear? There you go, you have your answer, if something feels and looks good, don’t be scared to experiment and combine it on semi-formal occasions.


Matching your denim with the sport coat will leave you having easy to wear semi-formal attire. Boost your confidence, not only by packing them, but also wearing them at your business conference. They are the perfect way to make a statement that you are a modern, confident, and bold man who knows what he truly wants and he is not afraid to show it!

As we previously mentioned, other than wearing them for a semi-formal occasion, they can be worn in everyday occasions. Wear it with your favorite t-shirts and casual shirts for a walk in the park, or spend some quality time with your friends in the nearby park. Wear them with your favorite sneakers, or with a pair of casual shoes such as the loafers. Chick and stylish yet comfortable!

There are certain denim brands to pay attention to including:

Jacob Cohen

Ever since its foundation in 1985, Padua is fully devoted to creating comfortable yet stylish collections of jeans. Flawless seams and luxury fabrics as their main qualities have made them a top-notch brand. Owning a pair of their customized and perfectly tailored jeans is not only a need but an essence for every stylish man.

DL 1961

Founded in 2008 has almost historical meaning in the world of jeans industry hence of their invention of the XFIT LYCRA. Their pairs will fit you like a glove with the remarkable four-way stretch design which is sagging-resistant.


Over the decades since its foundation in 1960, they have gained the trust and respect of their customers and additionally spread across Europe in more than 35 countries only because of their true commitment and devotion towards creating not only seamless jeans but trousers too suitable for every elegant and fashionable man out there.


Paige started their journey in Los Angeles not so long ago in 2004 but they shouldn’t be underestimated but on the contrary, respected because they are the first choice of many men when it comes to finding the perfect pair of everyday jeans.

34 Heritage

34 heritage is a brand formed in 2011 specifically oriented to invent and manufacture jeans in each and every shape and size. Their premium denim collection is suitable for gentlemen that have an impeccable sense of fashion and style and know exactly what they want-timeless elegance, subtle details, and superior fit.

3. Not Your Ordinary Belt


Where do you think you are heading if you have left your home without packing some “statement” piece? Why not add a dose of individuality and uniqueness to your overall combination by choosing a superior belt?

Yes, something as simple as a belt might be the pinnacle to your look. As we all know the devil is in the details so pay attention to them. Trust us when we say it, it will either make or break your combination, so why leave it to the case? Take the matters into your own hands, not only figuratively but literally too, by choosing the right belt not only when you go on a road trip but rather every single day.

Woven Belt by Anderson

These belts literally scream originality, creativity, and innovation! Without a doubt, you will fall in love with their simplicity and their durability. Nevertheless, if you choose their one-colored belt or the fresh and modern multicolored woven one you won't be disappointed. Manufactured in Italy, the “secret” recipe has been passed on from generation to generation. Not much of a secret but more a tradition, experienced eye, skilled hands, stunning craftsmanship, and genuine leather lies behind their successful story.

Elliot Rhodes

Another Belt brand coming all the way from the UK that will provide you with beautiful luxury belts in an almost countless number of styles, colors, and textures. Not only will it be quite difficult for you to choose you will be amazed to find out they can offer you a full custom design too. Starting from classical and elegant to dazzling and quirky, you just name it, or should we say just imagine it, THEY HAVE IT ALL!

4. Leather Sneaker By Trask


In addition to the previous three items, another thing you might find puzzling is choosing the right fall shoe when going on a road trip. All of the unnecessary stress and inconvenience of making this complicated decision can be avoided in an instant when you try the leather sneaker by Trask.

Soon enough they will become one of your favorite pair of shoes. Not only they are well-crafted from luxurious Italian calfskin which makes them super soft they are packed with enhanced cushioning on the inside that will literally hug your foot in all the places needed. They come in a number of different colors but nevertheless of your choice they are fully suitable for your semi-formal combination. Moreover, their rubber outsole makes them perfect for the rainy fall days. Durable, fashionable, and versatile-nothing better!

5. Leather Duffle Bag or Briefcase


Last but not least, don’t forget about accessorizing your look with a bag. While women usually have tons of bags for each occasion, men have the need for one or two that will do the job just fine. We know that probably even the thought of choosing a bag might scare you but no need for panic.

We are introducing you to the leather duffle bag-a masculine yet elegant solution that you will actually find practical in a number of situations. Not only it will enhance and improve your overall look owning one will make your life so much easier. They are a contemporary solution to the fast and hectic life when you need to take with you more than your valet and your keys.

You can take it with you when you are headed out for work, or maybe in the gym, or even when you are going for a weekend getaway. Furthermore, when it comes to investing in pieces of clothing manufactured from leather, we assure you, it will be well worth it. Their sophisticated and tasteful look will last for years or maybe even decades looking more elegant with each year that goes by. A timeless piece that never goes out of style!

If you are not so keen on wearing a Leather Duffle Bag you can always go with the safer option, purchase a briefcase. While The Duffle bag is the modern option, a briefcase has been the choice for many generations always symbolically dividing the regular person from the serious and bold businessman. It`s almost funny yet amazing, how something seemingly insignificant might make all the difference in the business world, but yet it does.

Final Words

Nevertheless, of how challenging might packing be to you, remember to always stay calm and think rationally. We`ve only mentioned and given an example of five products that we consider a bare necessity when going on a road trip but that doesn’t necessarily mean blindly following everything you read or hear. Think about the occasion, the place where you are going, the weather there; reconsider everything rather than filling your bags with things that you won`t even wear.

If you have found yourself intrigued with this topic you might be happy to find out that there is a store located in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio named Hellman Clothiers where you will get an answer to every additional question you might have. The super helpful and friendly staff will create a customized essential list for your road trip and in addition, will provide you with all the pieces of clothing. The perfect blend of high-quality garments together with the pleasant staff will make you want to stay there for hours.

Before zipping your suitcase and leaving your home don’t forget that after all this is your long-awaited road trip. It doesn’t matter if you are having a weekend getaway, or going for a vacation, or maybe if this it’s a business related trip pack yourself in a way that you will enjoy the time spent there rather than stressing over why you haven’t brought the right clothes with you.