Men's Fall Fashion: Top 5 Suit Trends

Even though it’s still blazing hot in Cincinnati, Ohio, thank goodness fall is right around the corner. Temperatures will start dropping, and layers will start increasing! Fall is my absolute favorite time of the year and I know there are a bunch of other people who would agree.

In order to start getting ready for fall, I’m sure you’re quite familiar with the retail seasonal schedule. As a shopper, it can be frustrating sometimes, when the stores are not only a season ahead but sometimes two. Instead of having Halloween decor out, it seems like some stores, are bringing out their Christmas decor in August.

At Hellman Clothiers, we are gradually starting to bring in fall attire, but more importantly, we want to equip you with the fall trend knowledge before just filling the store with the latest trends that you may have no idea about.

Chuck Hellman, the owner, has been traveling all around the world to bring you the latest fall product and most importantly, on trend garments. Even though suiting tends to be more classic garments, that aren’t usually on the extreme side of things, there are still trends and patterns that are worth paying attention to!

Here are the top 5 men’s suiting trends we want you to look forward to this coming fall!


Starting off the trend series, is the classic pinstripe. The pinstripe has been around for as long as we know and most men feel comfortable wearing a pinstripe suit. A pinstripe is definitely a formal look, but with athleisure taking over fashion, a pinstripe definitely adds a more sporty touch to a classic suit.

As vogue highlights, Alexander McQueen, Maison Margiela and Versace all made notable appearances with the pinstripe suit during fall fashion week.


With a pinstripe suit, you have the option of keeping it formal and pairing it with a button down dress shirt, or keep it casual by layering a crew neck sweater underneath. As you can see in this image, a pop of color underneath the suiting is also encouraged!

Checked Suits

No matter the size of the check, they’re on trend this fall and winter! Brands like Canali, Prada, and Fendi all showcased their check collection during Milan Fashion Week. Checked suiting has a vintage elegance that makes the trend so unique and stylish.

Pictured is one of our newest sport coats, by Canali. This checked coat adds the perfect texture to this look and really allows the tie to pop. Both tight checks and spread out checks are going to be in style this fall.

In addition to checks, we are loving this mixture of tans and grays. It’s the perfect combination for fall and winter, but it’s also bright enough to continue to wear it again through spring and summer with a pop of color in the dress shirt and tie combination.

Floral printed suits

Now that we’ve covered our more traditional looks, let’s get into the fun trends of this fall. For example, floral printed suits. I bet not many of you own a floral suit.

If you are looking into purchasing your first suit, floral wouldn’t be my suggestion. However, if you have quite the collection already and you would like to bring some flavor into your wardrobe, floral would be the best option!

This example is another look from this past fashion week in Milan. Gucci and Dolce and Gabana were making huge statements down the runway with their bold floral printed suits.

Metallic Suits:

The designers were all about having some fun this year. They didn’t just stop at floral, but fully embraced the metallic suiting. Not just any metallic color, but specifically gold and silver.

Now these are trends, you can’t necessarily just take and run with. You have to keep in mind, when and where it would be appropriate to where some of these bold pieces.

For example, I wouldn’t suggest wearing a full metallic suit to your client meeting. However, if you had a formal gala, charity event, holiday party, or new year’s eve dinner, then it would make a lot more sense.

If wearing a full metallic suit is too much for you no matter how fancy, or trendy the event, then you can always take the trend and only add a touch of it. That’s always smart especially when looking at the runway trends. As most of us know, the runways exaggerate the trends and rarely would any of us wear what the models are wearing, but taking inspiration from the runways is very important.

So, with this tip in mind, instead of copying the entire outfit, how about just adding a metallic tie, lapel pin, or pocket square?

Velvet Suits

And last, but not least a true fall and winter staple when it comes to men’s suiting and sportcoats, is velvet. As GQ, predicted it in 2016, velvet made a comeback and will be back for at least another year.

Velvet no doubt made it’s biggest and most impactful showcase in the 70’s, but if there is anything to understand about fashion, it’s that trends come and go repeatedly. If you’re worried about purchasing a velvet suit, and it going out of style next year (highly doubt it), it wouldn’t be a total fail because knowing fashion it’ll come right back round again.

Kayne West wearing the full velvet suit for Paris fashion week in 2015 may or may not have been the start of the velvet revolution. Velvet has become so popular, you won’t just see it in suiting, but on sneakers as well!

Fall Trend Wrap Up

Whether you consider yourself a pin stripe, checked, floral, metallic, or velvet suit guy, all of these trends are worth giving a shot this season! Even if trying it out in a subtle way. Maybe you do a checked sport coat, with a metallic lapel pin, or velvet shoes with a classic black suit.

The best part about new season’s is the new trends that accompany them. It’s a great excuse to update your current wardrobe and stop by our men’s clothing store in downtown, Cincinnati.