How To Look Dapper in a Men’s Suit

Many of the professional athletes and Oscar-nominated actors have the ability to pull off a suit effortlessly. There is no reason why you can’t do just that. An essential thing you need to look dapper in a suit is confidence.

The way to ultimate confidence when fastening those cufflinks involves knowing that all of the different parts of the outfit are going to come together as a cohesive look. Buying a suit off the rack and throwing it on doesn't automatically make you look dapper but the ability to stylishly make choices that can enhance your elegance when you’re out there in the outfit.



Putting on a well-fitted suit that was custom made to your dimensions and size is the first step to looking great. You look great; you feel great! But if your outfit is too snug or too large, you automatically lose credibility. Many times have you heard men saying this “I can’t wait to get out of this suit and tie!” Or what about this line? “I can’t wait to take off this suit and slip on comfortable jeans and a t-shirt."

On the contrary, men’s attire should always be comfortable.  Indeed, a man looks his best when his clothes fit so well. More importantly, a man’s clothes should send a message to the world about him. If they fit him well, he will always make a good impression. You feel light and comfortable. Your clothes seem to float around your body. They are not tight or heavy anywhere.

At the same time, the fashion-industrial complex creates new so-called styles by bending or breaking the time-honored traditions in menswear. In fact, this is another place most guys go wrong when it comes to tailored clothing.

Designers and commentators have debated whether baggy or fitted pants are in this season while neither looks as good as the timeless middle-ground. But it has been noted that inclining to at least a sartorial sense by hemming your trousers such that you opt for a tiny break (the edge of your pants should brush the tops of your shoes) for a look that’ll stand the test of time, but still feels modern.

It is always a magnificent feeling to put on clothes that have been tailored to fit you perfectly. If it is too loose, a man looks like he had to borrow some clean clothes from his bigger older brother. He will be fighting the extra fabric all day long.

The joints of your suit jacket should feel like they’re hugging your own. If they’re noticeably tight, that is, the jacket is small for your size. And if the shoulder seams are sagging past the natural line of your body, as they do for all too many workaday types, it’s too big. The shoulders are the one place that even expert tailors are hesitant to mess with: It’s difficult, expensive and can ruin your suit. Nearly everything else can be altered, but if the shoulders aren’t spot on, it’s time to return it to the rack.

Coordinating Accessories


Mixing different prints and patterns effectively. Understand what you can and cannot wear together. A classy and well-tailored suit will look good on just about anyone. But to make an elegant suit stand out in the crowd, you’re going to want to pair it with some accessories. The right accessory can give a formal outfit a personalized flare or step up a more casual look to something more.

The number of suit accessories out on the market can seem limitless. Even though there’s a lot to choose from, all accessories should be selected carefully and thoughtfully.

Read on to get an understanding of the best suit accessories you should own to up your style and express your unique personality.

Pocket squares

Pocket squares are getting a lot more attention to men’s fashion circles, so they should be a part of your wardrobe. Don’t be swayed by the somewhat mundane department store combinations of pocket squares and ties.

A colorful and vibrant pocket square is one of the best ways to show off your personality while you’re dressed up. Find one that highlights a color of your shirt for a more conservative look, or make it clash with the rest of the outfit for a more energetic vibe. A neutral or white pocket square can also be used to tone town a full suit or brightly patterned tie.

Tie Bars

These small metal clips serve the dual purpose of being functional and fashionable. Clip them on your tie to keep it wrinkle-free, but don’t be afraid to opt for one with a design if you’re feeling a bit more expressive. Or play it safe with a classy gold or silver colored one.

Tie bars are an excellent accessory because they also help keep your ties in place without damaging them. Don’t be afraid to wear them in any suit situation.



In some circles, wearing a watch with a suit has attracted disdain because it’s been associated with pretentious, and often insensitive, displays of wealth. Don’t let this type of thinking hold you back from combining a fancy watch with a nice suit, or a more casual one with the comfortable dress.

A classic stainless steel timepiece always looks great in the office, at a wedding, or in a formal setting. More casual watches usually make it easy to switch out the watch bands, letting wearers mix and match colors depending on the circumstances. Watches with a blue or grey face are usually an excellent accent piece with most suits and dress shirts.


Cufflinks might come off as a bit vulgar to some, but they’re one of the easiest ways to set yourself apart in a world with button-cuff dress shirts. The cufflink is a good way for the modern man to show off a bit of style and attitude without coming across as over the top.

French cuff shirts are becoming more and more popular, and cufflink makers have embraced their growing popularity by rolling out an almost endless list of styles. These range from clean and simple, to unique one-of-a-kind pieces that could also have their display in an art museum.

Dress Shoes

People will scan you head to toe to see what you are wearing; you don't want your shoes to be what changed someone's mind. Instead, you want the boots to be the cherry on top of your well put together suit.

Brogues are the safest bet, remembering that black goes with greys, brown with navy, etc. Slide on loafers are also great, but if you’re going to do this: always opt for colored socks which will draw the eye, without clashing. If you plan on keeping it casuals with sneakers, make sure they’re fresh and clean.


You may think what does this have to do with men's attire? Well, it has a lot to do with it. If you have an expensive suit that is perfectly tailored but you have an overgrown beard, you’ve once again lost your credibility.

A well-tailored and fitted suit deserves a clean-shaven, or highly groomed face as well. When a man looks smart, he feels smart. It gives a confidence boost and enables him to move forward in any way. Which is why grooming for men is essential. Every man knows the importance of personal grooming. Just an extra five minutes spent on grooming could potentially change the outcome of his job interview. It could help him claim the alluring beauty he’s been eyeing all week.

Ultimate attention and consistent practices to the outlined tips below wouldn’t only give you a pleasing appearance in that suit but also spiced up the admiration of your personality.

Daily Shower

Being a man, like most women can smell great and looks fresh. Though many failed to realize that women feel the same way about men. So, personal hygiene is critical to men, make sure you take that bath every day. Try to invest in some sweet smelling soaps and always wash any odor which lingers.

Likewise, some men may go without washing their hair for days, and that leaves them looking extremely unkempt. If you have dandruff, invest in anti-dandruff shampoo. Washing hair doesn’t take long and adds to your overall charm, so try to make it a point to do it every day.

Invest In Your Toothbrush

Two things that are easily noticeable in an attractive suit styling are your shoes and your smile. When it comes to the latter, there is no longer any excuse for ignoring advances in technology.

Electric toothbrushes are designed to do most the work for you, plus, they're better for your health. A study revealed that rotating brushes reduce 11% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, and can also significantly reduce gum problems. And while you're at it, use mouthwash after you brush first thing in the morning.

Always Use Deodorant And Cologne.

A lot of men have thought nothing of this important rule. However, having a signature scent and keeping body odor away is extremely important and should always be practiced. It’s worth being noted to stick to milder smelling colognes. A stronger cologne will only make people move away from you or sneeze.

Manage Your Facial Hair


Unless you're planning to move out into the wilderness to find yourself, facial hair of any length needs to be tamed and maintained regularly if you want to be taken seriously. You don't have to spend much on a beard trimmer, so pick one up and get into a weekly habit of tidying up.

Learn How To Shave Like An Expert

You might not have time every morning for an extensive daily-shaving routine, but learning the basics of a good shave is highly essential. Prepare your skin beforehand with shave oil, then glide the razor over your hairs gently. While soaking the blades in warm water, the pores expand, allowing the hair to come off your face with less redness and irritation. If it still feels like a chore, leave your precious face in the hands of the experts and get a professional shave once a week.

Routine Nail and Hand-Care

Cutting your nails once a week – preferably after a bath or shower, to soften them and make them easier to trim – is basic. But that rough, flaky skin around the nail bed that somehow irritates you more than it looks like it should? Treat it with a tiny bit of moisturizer every couple of days to smooth things over.

Final Words

I can’t express how significant it is to look dapper from head to toe when you are wearing a suit!  I can’t stress enough the importance of the tips mentioned above. It’s a total package, and it’s very imperative to work on all of the elements mentioned. Sure, implementing a few of them is better than achieving none, but the goal is to make you look like a movie star in your next outing.

So, are you going to start styling your suit differently? I sure hope so! Whether you need to focus more on the suit aspect or the grooming aspect, either way our stylists at Hellman Clothiers are here for you. When you need to spice up your look, just stop in our downtown Cincinnati store!