High-End Menswear: How To Dress Like You Own The Place


Believe it or not, your clothing speaks volumes for your personality as your confidence and feeling of self-empowerment is strongly attached to your appearance. But the question is what mindset and perspective do you devise when you’re out there shopping and likewise, when you dress up? Is it to get cheap clothes that only excite you the first and second time you wear them?

Research has shown that wearing high-end menswear enhances abstract thinking and gives the men a stronger self confidence. It could influence right decision making as opposed to leaving you in state of hopelessness and regrets. Though, you might be thinking, why pay so much on a piece of clothing when you can get several pieces for same price. This guide will prove some significant reasons why you should invest in the best high-end menswear despite the cost.

Is High-End Menswear For Everyone?

The simple factual answer is that high-end menswear is not for everyone, cause some men would care less about how they appear and prefer purchasing their clothing at Walmart, without even considering working with a stylist. We live in an industrialized world where low-priced and inferior things are everywhere. Any store out there, both online and offline gets quantities of fashion accessories that are as cheap as $10, though sold in large amounts but are extremely poor in value and low quality.


However, for the noble men who want to step into the room with optimum comfort and confidence, perhaps turning the heads of the crowd with his style, high-end menswear is the best foot forward. High-end menswear doesn’t only give you long-lasting fabrics and a unique outlook, they also make you have fun with their garments. Some of the brands, like Jacob Cohen, even have admiring scent embedded into their materials, especially their denim such that whenever you carry out any herculean task, your good smell is always intact! Moreover, the uniqueness of the label didn’t just come overnight, it’s a result rational processes in fabric selection, production time, quality design, price range and attention to details or clients’ feedbacks.

The price range of high-end menswear may also be one of the obvious reasons why the label is not for everyone. A pair of designer jeans or denim can range from $200-$500 because they’re manufactured under stringent quality control such that each pair manufactured would’ve been touched by different hands for an inspection test to prevent tear when worn. Meanwhile, high-end menswear is logically the finest when it comes to practical purchasing since the costs of buying many cheap clothes are losses when compared to their durability.

The Power Behind High-End Menswear

As earlier stated that high-end menswear enhances your abstract thinking, and more so it broadens their perspective by having an exclusive thought on creativity when styling their attires.

Likewise, style is a language that apparently speaks volumes about your personality even before you say anything about yourself, or exchange conversations with people around you. But the language you want your clothes to express depends on the impression you want to make. Sometimes, you discreetly and strategically choose your clothes in order to create some effects which may give you certain advantages, while most times you want to convey power, that is, finding the necessity to project some internal qualities as discussed below.


There isn’t any exception to the rule that high-end menswear empowers you to be confident. The truth is, if you really want to take charge of an entire room or hall, dress in high-end menswear because it tactfully endows you with unambiguous authority. They obviously depict your sense of responsibility by clearly passing the message that ‘I don’t need to prove anything, I’m in charge here!’  and more importantly, it reveals your level of seriousness perhaps in doing business or any other transactions, leaving nothing in doubt.

I cannot emphasize how much high-end menswear improves your overall image, and as a result boosts your confidence. A large number of men are indifferent about the notion of fit, then preferring to wear clothing that does nothing, otherwise belittling your figure and creating any kind of shape and structure irrespective of your size. Therefore, I will suggest you start thinking about the kind of image you want to portray, have a perfect idea of the impression you want to make with your attire, for you to build confidence with your appearance.


How do you convince people that you’re of power in the room? As a matter of fact, high-end menswear proves professionalism in most people’s mind. So if you have a high-quality and first-class mindset, you’ve gained an assumption to own authority. That’s one of the reasons you must invest in high-end menswear to get a closely-fitted dress, first-rate fabrics and a top-notch grand style.

The fit should be one of the most considerable when selecting a dress to project power, a custom and well-tailored high-end suit is always closely-fitted, especially when it comes to men’s clothing. Also, the most visible indicator of quality, that is, fabrics of a high-end menswear is undoubtedly 100% high-quality and has been strategically designed to enhance the display of authority. Lastly, styling of high-end clothes is well –known to provide an assumed mantle of authority that people can recognize at a glance.


Menswear has definitely had its own share of ups and downs, however, we can still feel the influence of craftiness and skillfulness from the high-end menswear revolution.

So, it’s only in high-end menswear that you can get one-of a-kind design that gives you a defined style. When you have a quality clothes in your closet rather than wearing a hotchpotch material, colors, patterns and designs, then you’ll have a clear sense of what your style should be. A high quality wardrobe enables you define that distinct style whether casual, jumpy, hipster, or basic.

When Should You Dress Your Best?


Do you know people make decisions about your personality the first three seconds of meeting them? Then spend the remaining ninety seconds to confirm their first impression? Of course they do! Before you even open your mouth to say any word, your appearance is sized up and profiled. The fact is that people still judge by appearance. So with this information, it’s very imperative for one to dress elegantly, neatly, and professionally for any occasion.

With the momentum that fashion is evolving with, it is however vital to learn the etiquettes that surround dressing your best for each occasion. Though each occasion may have its own guide, nevertheless there are sartorial standards whenever we are dressing for any functions.

However, not only during an events you should dress your best but there are special occasions as explained below that are highly important for dressing your best.


Most interviewer or employer got first impression from the language spoken from employee or applicant’s dressing. Though most traditional companies still consent to wearing suits for an interview but a conservative dark suit is the end of story. However, every company still has its different dress code; which implies your dressing for job, perhaps different from how you dress for an interview. Nevertheless, a comfortable and professional dress that is suitable and appropriate for the post you’re applying for should be the ultimate focus.

A professional outlook for a candidate is customarily achieved with a personal sense of style, which is frequently a plus to step outside the box for the employee to be selected. The later isn’t always possible if the applicant doesn’t adopt some guidelines. Having a personal sense of style is mutually associated with wearing a high-end menswear that is impeccably clean, neat, tailored and pressed, with a pair of good-quality leathered shoes in a traditional style and most importantly have your beard or moustache trimmed and neat-looking. Wear an admiring deodorant that isn’t worse and overpowering, otherwise causing an allergic reaction.

First Dates

Though the most important is dressing to your personality but this isn’t the best time to take the unprecedented risk. Firstly, you need to feel like you by selecting an outfit that makes you feel great and better about yourself and most importantly that will impress your partner. For instance, if there is a particular color and fabrics you’ve received complimentary on, you can start with that because you may never get the second chance to make such impression again. So for a first date, pick a colorful and high-end outfit that expresses nothing but classic and elegant outlook to your partner.

The high-end menswear gives a proper ensemble for your taste and quality expectations by giving you that responsible outlook that your spouse can be proud of. Similarly, it makes you have that compatible appearance and always automatically gauge your image with any standards. As a matter of fact, high-end dress enables you to be secure, adequate, comfortable and consequently dressing your best for any date.

Weddings or Special Events

In recent years, the invitation or season has been the dress guide to wedding ceremony or special occasion, even though black and red tend to be the perfectly fine for these events. For wedding outfit which is mostly casual or semiformal, hence avoid anything heavily sequined. To avoid the old fashioned look, the high-end suit must be well-tailored and styled a patent shoes (a coated leather of a high-gloss finish).

Having known the invite request for dress code of any event, then you need to learn how to adhere to the guidelines for each dress type. For a black-tie (backbone of any formal attire) weddings for instance, it always requires a standard tuxedo with compatible accessories. High-end Cocktail attires are also customarily perfect for other special events like dinner party, gala or award night, birthday bash, to mention a few can be utilized to dress your best.

Should Your Entire Wardrobe Be High-End?

As earlier stated, high-end menswear is exceptional clothing which may not be for everyone but it's highly recommended that your entire wardrobe should made of. Imagine having about 20-30 quality attires in your closet with comparison to fifty cheap clothing, you can easily decide what to wear in the morning. However, you would look confident and convey power with the high-end dress.

Meanwhile, when you own a wardrobe that’s filled with many cheap clothes, you may eventually get frustrated and feeling confused about what to wear, perhaps when you’re having a special occasion. It has also been suggested that it’s a good idea to have a minimal closet, that is, having best options rather than common selections. A minimal closet enables you to possessing a high-end dress which relatively determine and define your unique style.

Therefore, you can have your entire wardrobe with high-end if you know you can afford it, perhaps if you had to choose and pick between full wardrobe of cheap garments and capsule of expensive clothing, I would tell you go for the later.

If I Live in Cincinnati, How Should I Be Dressing?

With no arguments, the town is well-known for traditional attire, especially in men’s clothing and fashion, where you can make exceptional selection and perfect combination with ensemble accessories that ascertain your perfect look and make the vogue of your outfit the center of attraction. Located in the Midwest of the beautiful city of Ohio, we are known to be a blue jean wearing state.

So if you’re around the corner or visiting the town, you can check out at Hellman Clothiers to shop for your best dress, meet our experienced stylists to look your best!

Final Notes

Dressing a high-end menswear unarguably communicates your personality and influences abstract thinking which consequently enhances your self-confidence, empowers you for authority and perfectly give you a grand style. Though everyone may unable to have the wear based on preference and affordability, but it’s known as the best attire for interviews, business meetings, special events like weddings or first dates. Therefore, everyone can adopt a minimal closet principle to get the high quality dress to look best!