How To Build Your Dress Shoe Collection For Men

The surest indication of a man’s fashion style is his shoes. Hence, invest your money, time and effort in dressing your body without giving attention to your feet is a waste of time. Although improvement in textile production and worldwide supply chain management has significantly reduced the cost of clothing in the last few decades, good footwear remains expensive.

Shoes are essential in dressing because they give incredible comfort especially when new, and will last for a long time particularly when adequately cared for. Unlike ties and suits, it’s unlikely for a man to appear overly dressed in shoes. Hence, they give us options mainly whenever we need to add class to our outfit without attracting snide comments from fake friends and family.

Why You Need To Add High Quality Dress Shoes

One vital thing you need to keep in mind when shopping for a dress shoe, comfort is essential. At Hellman Clothiers, we know the importance of keeping the feet comfortable and how it is good for the health. Hence, we provide quality shoes for our clients. However, below are 3 reasons why you should add quality shoes to your collection today.

To Keep Your Body And Feet Happy

Good shoe not only provides comfort to the body and feet but also help customers with back troubles. Majority of the people in the world today have foot-related problems and most of these issues are caused as a result of things that impact their daily lives. A good example of such causes includes wearing poor quality shoes because they are cheap, developing short injuries, walking on a hard surface for a long time,  or being overweight. However, quality shoes help to prevent these problems because they provide comfort, support our weight and protect the foot from injuries.

Help with Alignment

Most high quality shoes are designed with plenty of arch support and assist the body with alignment. Your foot is the base of the body and everything begins from the feet. Therefore, if your feet are in pain, the whole body hurts. High quality shoes can help in keeping your feet properly aligned and evenly distribute your body weight. This helps to relieve pressure and pain in different part of the body.

Provides Confidence and Attraction

You can never wear a good shoe and not have a feeling of confidence, comfort and self-importance while you walk. This is because high quality shoes are made with a lot of design, skill and effort brought together. Aside from making you feeling confident, wearing shoes can also take your appearance to the next level and make you look more attractive thereby getting complement from friends and colleagues.

Now that we have discussed the essential benefits of wearing good shoes, let’s take a look at some of the best dress shoes you can add to your collection.

The Black Leather Oxford


This is an excellent shoe you can add to your collection. This black leather Oxford has a sleek simplicity which makes it the best choice for formal occasions. Like Oxfords, another fantastic dress shoe is the Derby shoe. However, this shoe has an open lacing system, unlike Oxford shoes that only have a lacing section sewn closed at the bottom. Both boots are ideal for most formal occasions and are suitable with a suit.

How is the Black Leather Oxford Made?

The black leather oxford is made of box calf leather and does have any broguing. This shoe is best worn with professional attire and business suits; however, they are not ideal for casual occasions with khakis or jeans.

What To Wear With Them?

You need to keep in mind that the Oxford is dress shoe; hence you have to buy a pair with leather soles and ensure you shine them thoroughly to prevent them from their brightness.  If you want to wear a tux to a business suit or a black-tie event, then the Oxford would naturally complement and provide a touch of formality to your outfit.

The Brown Leather Brogue

The brown leather brogue originated in the marshy bogs of Scotland and was designed with real holes for draining out water. The traditional perforation on the upper layer of the shoe gives it a unique character which cannot be seen in other shoe styles.

What’s makes the Brogue special is its versatility. However, a shade of light brown has some limitations because it seems to look odd when paired with dark suits. But a medium dark brown pair can look great all suit color except black and also compatible with jeans or chinos.

What to wear with the Brown Leather Brogue?

If you want to bring a smart casual and comfortable, but refined look to your outfit, you have to pair the brogue with ass white button-down and rolled-up dark denim jeans.

Slip-On (Loafer Or Monk)

Going down the scale of formality, the loafer is a bit more casual shoe. This laceless silhouette comprises an elegant design which makes the loafer an extremely versatile style, after the leather brogue. Aside from the laceless feature of this shoe, the Loafer features a Moccasin-style construction. It is a comfortable slip-on shoe that is perfect for bringing a stylishly relaxed touch to formal wears. Although the loafer can be paired with quite some looks, they are gorgeous when paired with suits especially those worn with flare.

If you are looking for a dapper and unique look, then it’s best you go for varieties such as tassel loafers and classic penny loafers. However, if you want to make a strong impression, then, going for a decadent pair of velvet loafers will surely do the trick.

How the Slip-on Loafer is Made

The slip-on loafer was initially made as a house shoe for King George the sixth. Loafers give an ideal silhouette if you don’t want to wear socks; hence, they are the best choice of footwear during summer or any other warm-weather locations.

Of all the loafers, the penny loafer is the most popular choice. But if you are stranded on let’s say a stylish European island and having to wear just a pair of shoe every day, then I suggest that a couple of brown double monk straps is a perfect choice.

What To Wear With The Slip-on Loafer

The comfort offered by the loafer can be best matched with smart-casual ensembles. Also, this fabulous footwear is compatible with a button-down shirt and chinos or a light-weight linen suit

The Leather Lace-up/ Slip-On Boot


Peradventure you already bought a fantastic pair of brogues, oxfords, and loafers, then the next couple of footwear you can add to your collection to get a complete shoe selection is the leather lace-up boot.

This footwear is another style of boot that you can buy if you want to bring some spice to your shoe collection. Unlike Chelsea boots, the lace-up has its lace facing down the front and finish above the ankle. The slim style of its design exudes a subtle utilitarian vibe and provides a slight edge. A pair of rugged leather lace-up boots, when designed with rubber soles, will keep you sure-footed in bad weather.

What to Wear With The Leather Lace-up Shoe

The lace-up is perfect when paired with stylish weekend wear and casual evening wear. Also, it looks great in brown or black leather and will draw lots of attention to your outfit.  The leather boot can also be paired with a tailored jacket during the working hours as well as with a T-shirt and a pair of Jeans at the weekend.

Types of Leather Lace-up Shoe

Smart leather lace-up boots can be dressy and rugged which makes them a versatile choice to complement just any sort of outfit. However, below are some excellent options ranging from the semi-casual lace-up boots to the dressy slip-on Chelsea boots.

  • Lace-up leather boots: Crepe-soled desert boosts are very popular and give a casual touch to your outfit.

  • Leather Brogue Boots: This footwear is compatible with both suits and jeans. You can also wear them for a dressier take on rugged.

  • Chelsea boots: Like the loafers, the Chelsea is a slip-on style and has an elastic ankle which makes it comfortable and flexible. These boots are perfect for a day at the office that leads to a night out immediately after work.

Wholecut Leather Shoes

This shoe is a wildcard. The wholecut leather shoes are not needed in your collection concerning functionality but to take your style to the next level. This shoe radiates pure elegance through a narrow shape, minimalist with a smooth surface and clean lines.

How the Wholecut Leather Shoe is Made

The upper (which is the visible leather above the sole after wearing a shoe) of the wholecut leather shoe is made from a single piece of leather. They are designed from a flawless piece of animal skin making the leather top quality.  A tremendous deal of skill and expertise is required while making a pair of wholecut shoes, which is a significant reason why these shoes are expensive.

What to Wear With The Wholecut Leather Shoe

This versatile, high-quality leather dress shoe is arguably the dressiest shoe you can add to your collection and can accompany you for the rest of the day. You can decide to wear them from the office to a fancy evening party or combine them with a couple of smart jeans.

Final Words

At Hellman Clothiers, we are aware of the benefits of wearing good shoes and how it helps to boost your confidence and make you look more attractive to the opposite sex. We care about  the needs of you clients which is why we only focus on shoe brands that provides value and style. We hope this guide has done justice to not only the kind of shoes you can add to your collection but why you should purchase them and what to combine them with. Hence, to get these shoe brands all you need is to stop at Hellman clothiers, in downtown Cincinnati for your next pair of dress shoes or visit