The Way To a Man's Heart: Comfortable & Stylish Shoes


If you’ve struggled to find a pair of shoes you absolutely love, let us help! There are two characteristics to look for when shopping for the perfect shoe. It’s simply comfort and style.

The good thing is that at Hellman Clothiers, we make this process very easy. We stand behind our word, and only carry comfortable and stylish shoes. Why sell a pair of shoes that your customers won’t enjoy wearing?

We want you to pick out a pair of shoes that you can’t stop wearing. Maybe your new loafers, double as your slippers as well? There is nothing wrong with that!

The two designer, one-of-a-kind brands that scream comfort and style for men’s shoes are Trask, and Armin Oehler.

Trask’s footwear include enhanced cushioning and support in each shoe. Whether you’re taking a walk in downtown Cincinnati on your lunch break, riding your bike home from the office in Over the Rhine, or enjoying your saturday off at the farmer’s market, Trask has a shoe for you.

Armin Oehler offers more of a formal menswear collection, but none the less, they do not sacrifice comfort. As a businessman, you have a busy schedule full of a lot of meetings and running around to do, the last thing that needs to be on your mind, are your feet.

Comfortable Wear and Support

A quality men’s shoe that has both comfort and design, isn’t always the easiest to come by these days. I don’t want to get all technical on you, but finding a comfortable pair of shoes is more important than just feeling good while you walk. It has to do with the longevity of your health. Your ankles, knees, back, can all be affected by your choice of shoes.


I bet you didn’t think picking out a pair of shoes, could really affect your physical well being to that degree. Now, listen up, I promise I’m not writing this blog post for a retirement home advertisement. I’m here to prove why you can find a trendy and stylish pair of shoes that treats your body right at the same time.

The days of “beauty is pain” are long gone. And you may try to argue that this quote was for women only, but trust me men were willing to sacrifice comfort to the same degree. When you think of a comfortable shoe, you automatically think of the “old man shoe”, and these shoes are even called Dr.Comfort. We want to convince you that you deserve a comfortable shoe, that looks absolutely nothing like the Dr. Comfort shoes.

Before going on and on about the comfort of the shoes, let me first show you how stylish these shoes are.

Style That Lasts

Men like to say woman are shoe obsessed, but there’s an argument that shoes are also a man’s best friend, not the dog, the shoes. This past week, I visited a friend and he wanted to show me a new pair of shoes he had just snagged. I entered his walk in closet and immediately noticed he had almost triple the amount of shoes as his wife!


Comfort and style go hand in hand, because if the shoes isn’t comfortable you won’t want to wear it, and vise versa, if the shoe isn’t stylish you won’t want to wear it either.

Trask offers a shoe for every occasion, from our current favorite men’s fashion trend, the sneaker, to a classic oxford for your next formal event, and everything else in between.

On the other hand, Armin Oehler, is most known for their leather. Oehler started off as a fine luxury leather supplier, and gained large recognition throughout Europe for their quality leather. Almost two decades ago, the Oehler family, started their own shoe line based around this fine leather.

You won’t find shoes anything like this brand in Cincinnati. Their design is one-of-a-kind, the leather is the best of the best, and their comfort is unbeatable.

Finally, we carry shoes that have classic styles to last decades, but also offer a unique appearance. A super classic shoe can often times come off rather boring. For example, this shoe by Armin, is a classic loafer, but the chestnut suede and tassels, give it some personality and trendiness. This shoe is bound to make a statement!

One Stop Shop

Like I previously mentioned, we stick behind our word, so every shoe we stock is full of comfort, support and style. You don’t have to worry about trying out the shoe by walking around the store, because our shoes are known for comfort and support.

Whether you go with one of our sneakers, loafers, oxfords, chelsea boots, or a chukka, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality and comfort of our shoe collection. These shoes are also brands you won’t commonly find in department stores in Cincinnati, they are uniquely purchased to stand out and make a statement in this fabulous midwestern city.