Cincinnati Men's Fashion Icons: Off the Field

Cincinnati is no Los Angeles or New York City, but believe it or not we got some great style icons representing our city. You may notice them on the Cincinnati Red’s baseball field,  wearing orange and blue at Nippert’s Stadium repping FC Cincinnati, or on the sidelines coaching UC’s football team.

At Hellman Clothiers, we are lucky to have some of the best athletes and coaches in the city not only bringing us home wins, but look good while doing it.

Scooter Gennett- Cincinnati Reds


Cincinnati Red’s second baseman, and 2018 All Star player enjoys shopping at our menswear store in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. Scooter frequently stops in to try on our high end sport coats, and we even encouraged him to pair it back to an ascot. Scooter had never worn an ascot before, but you know Scooter, he isn’t afraid of anything.

Like we do with all of our customers, we like to get to know you and your style before throwing you in a sport coat. Scooter has a lot of personality and flair, so we made sure to find him a sport coat that coordinated well with his personal style. We believe being yourself and being confident in what you wear is extremely important.

We recommended this blue camo Robert Graham sport coat, because the camo print ultimately makes the sport coat a little more casual with the athleisure print. Since Scooter’s career is on the baseball field, he doesn’t have to dress up frequently, but when he does dress up for an event or date night with his wife, he wants to look the best he can, that’s why he visits Hellman Clothiers.

Paddy Barrett- FC Cincinnati

FC Cincinnati’s defender, Paddy Barett from Ireland, loves to coordinate his personal style trends with Hellman Clothier’s luxury selection. At Hellman Clothiers, our goal is to provide the most unique and sought after brands from around the world.


Paddy works hard perfecting his skill on the field and his style off the field. When he is looking to spice up his sunglass game, he looks no further than Hellman Clothiers, where he gets the best selection of Tom Ford eyewear.

Sem De Wit- FC Cincinnati

Another FC Cincinnati superstar, from the Netherlands, that frequently shops in our store in downtown Cincinnati is Sem De Wit. Sem stopped in last week to get a custom belt from Elliot Rhodes.

Sem enjoys the customizable clothing options that we offer. Whether you want a fully customized suit, belt, or dress shirt, we are here to make that happen. As a professional athlete and influencer in the city, it is crucial to stand out and look good while doing it.

Not only does Sem like to customize his wardrobe, he also rocks the monochromatic look better than anyone I know. As you can tell here, he isn't afraid to coordinate different shades of this purple color.

Luke Fickell


If anyone knows anything about looking good, it’s the University of Cincinnati’s head football coach, Luke Fickell. He knows the importance behind high end menswear and the professionalism a great suit can bring.

Press conferences, charity events, galas, you name it, Luke needs to be at the top of his game when it comes to formal events. Luke is also a great example of how to wear tailored clothing. Men's fashion isn't just about picking out cool pieces, it's really important to have the right fitted garments and make sure they're tailored to fit your body and style. 

I always have a blast getting to hangout with him when he comes into the store, and can't wait to see what he does with the bearcats this season. 

Cincinnati Style

Whether you’re a professional athlete, coach or not, everyone has events and times in their life where they truly need to look their best. Looking good not only is crucial for your career, but your image has a lot to do with how you are portrayed whether that is fair or not, it definitely is reality.

Next time you have an important event come up, or simply if you just need a wardrobe update, come into our store and say hello, we would love to help you look your best!