Buying Guide: Men's High-End Suits

At Hellman Clothiers, we are known for luxurious, one of a kind, suits. We offer brands from across the world, with the option of designing your own custom made-to-order suit. This allows you to bring your dream suit to life.

If you’ve been a part of the suit game for awhile now, and have a decent collection, the made-to-order suits are the way to go. You get to choose exactly what you want, from the fabric down to the buttons and lining.

You no longer have to rely on designers to read your mind and come up with what you’ve been wanting. Let’s just say you’re in Las Vegas for a business trip. You decide to go to the casino for some fun, and some guy walks by you wearing the best looking suit you’ve ever seen. You no longer have to ask him what brand he is wearing and try to hunt down that suit.

Just take a picture of it in your mind, and next time you are in downtown Cincinnati, come on into the store and we’ll go through the fabric swatches and create that custom suit based off the amazing inspiration you received in Las Vegas.

Luxury Men’s Formal Wear

If this is your first suit and you’re on a budget, this simply isn’t the store for you. At Hellman Clothiers, we only offer the finest of the finest suits for our customers. We believe that luxury and designer suiting can make you feel like an entirely different man.


Suiting in general is a luxury. A suit is typically the most expensive garment in a men’s wardrobe. Even if you buy an affordable brand off the rack, it still doesn’t come at a cheap price.

What set’s a luxury suit apart from the rest, is the fabric, design, construction and attention to detail. Our Italian designers, such as Pal Zileri and Canali set the bar when high when it comes to true luxury in a garment.

Canali says it best, “Since 1934, it has been promoting the values of Made in Italy excellence through its artisanal know-how, creating sartorial masterpieces of exceptional wearability and comfort in a perfect balance of elements that blends culture and history with style and taste. The Canali Tailoring Principle uses innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection, continuously renewing its styles with a meticulous attention to detail and the use of premium fabrics.”

Why Go With a High-End Suit?

I think at some point or another, every man is tempted by luxury, especially when it comes to cars and suits. From a young age, we all have some sort of desire to own nice things and dress in designer pieces. Maybe you're at that point in your life, where now you can afford nice things. You just treated yourself to that new fancy sports car, but now you’re wondering if you have the attire to match your new ride.


A high end suit is designed for a man who doesn’t just want to look average and be average. If that were the case, he could buy one of those suits off the rack like we mentioned. Instead, this man recognizes that he has worked hard for his money and deserves to treat himself with an amazing piece.

Not only is it a self deserving item, but you’ll make a lasting impression on those around you. So whether you’re the type of guy to buy things solely for himself, or the type to buy something for other people, either way you’re going to accomplish both with a high-end men’s suit.

A suit is a piece that doesn’t need to be swatched in Louis Vuitton or Gucci labels for people to recognize it’s worth. A high quality suit can be spotted from a mile away. Starting with the way that the fabric lays perfectly against your figure.

High quality fabric has movement, flexibility and ease within it. You’ll never look stiff in a luxury suit, and it’ll look like it was custom designed to fit your body, even if it wasn’t. That’s the next factor, the fit is heavenly on a high-end suit. If you decide to purchase a high end suit, there’s no more having to sacrifice perfect fit. 

Have you ever wondered why the celebrities always look so good on the red carpet? It’s not just their stylist, but the brands they choose to wear.

Celebrity Style


At Hellman Clothiers, you can have this celebrity look, just going by downtown Cincinnati. We’ve styled many local celebrities in the area such as Red’s All Star player, Scooter Gennett, FC Cincinnati players, Paddy Barrett and Sem DeWit, and the University of Cincinnati’s Head Football Coach, Luke Fickell.

These are well-known guys in Cincinnati, that can’t just be walking around looking average. When they aren’t on the field, they are meeting important people, partaking in interviews, and overall trying to make a good impression of themselves.

Even though they all are athletes, or part of an athletic organization, it’s important for them to make good first impressions when they’re off the field. And beyond, making a good impression for other people, wearing high end suits styled by our top stylists, they feel extremely confident in what they are wearing!

If you are a local Cincinnati celebrity, or even if you just want to dress like one, check out our website, schedule an appointment, or just stop in to see us!