Cincinnati Men's Clothing Stores You Should be Shopping at

Your personal style, budget, and career, all play a factor in what men’s Cincinnati clothing store you should be shopping at. Granted, you definitely don’t have to stick to just one store, but if you aren’t sure where to start this post will help you narrow down your options.

Starting with style, it’s important to understand your lifestyle and what clothing items you need the most of. For example, if you’re a college student, then joggers, chinos, casual t-shirts and a few button downs are all you probably need. If you just graduated school and have your first entry level job, you’re most likely wearing business casual chinos, and dress shirts on a daily basis with a sport coat mixed in here and there for an occasional meeting.

Let’s say maybe you’ve been a businessman for quite some time and have now worked your way up to the top. Being at the top of a company doesn't always mean that you have to dress the nicest, because sometimes that means the more power you have the less of an effort you have to make. But, let’s say you’re the CEO of P&G, my guess is that you need a tailored suit, but not just any old suit, you need a suit that is going to make an impression on your clients.

After understanding the season of life you’re currently in and what kind of clothing you should be seeking after, it is also important to understand pricing and what your budget is going to be. To continue to follow stereotypes, most college men or right out of school men don’t have the budget to purchase a suit worth $3,000, I mean some guys that age are probably driving a car that costs that amount.

So understanding what you can and can not afford is a great place to start when selecting a men’s clothing store to shop at. For example, if your career requires you to dress in a suit everyday and you make three figures, well then, you should definitely be investing in some high end menswear.


Top Cincinnati Men's Clothing Stores To Shop At

1. Hellman Clothiers

At Hellman Clothiers, we don’t just carry men’s clothing, but we carry some of the most unique and sought after brands in the world. Hellman Clothiers exists for the wealthy man who wants to make an impression every time he walks through the door.

Our downtown men’s clothing store has a selection of classic pieces and not so classic pieces to appeal to the more conservative midwestern man, as well as the spunky CEO who loves to show his personality through his outfits.

Our store is known for their high end men’s suiting, offering you some of the best brands world wide to choose from such as Canali, Corneliani, Pal Zileri, and Coppley. Not only do we offer a wide selection in store, we also have a fantastic made to order program.

Made to order, means if you aren’t blown away by what we carry in store, you can create your own suit from scratch! When we say custom, it doesn’t just mean making a selection here or there, but you really have the option to get as custom or as standard as you would like.

We highly encourage the made to measure program because you’ll leave the store knowing you purchased your dream suit and no one else has the same one, which will in return give you the professionalism and confidence every man desires.

As we strive to be the best high-end men’s formal wear store out there, we don’t just stop at custom suiting. In order to rock a high quality designer suit, you have to have a men’s dress shirt, tie, pocket square, belt, and a pair of dress shoes that pair back to the suit you chose.

Majority of our dress shirts come from the well known, Eton brand, as well as local Cincinnati designer, Jonathan Mezibov’s shirt and tie collection. Mezibov created a clothing line around dress shirts because he believes “the shirt is the foundation of every ensemble”. And to his point, if the dress shirt doesn’t fit appropriately, neither will the suit, no matter how much money you spend on it.

Menswear most importantly comes down to fit and style. It’s not about just buying a perfect suit, but each and every layer needs to be tailored and fitted to perfection.

Now if you’re interested in updating your style at more of an affordable price while still valuing quality, check out the new men’s clothing store in Over the Rhine, Bonobos.


2. Bonobos

A store that is new to Cincinnati, but has had a national presence for quite some time now. Bonobos is great for the man who is a bit more on the preppier side, loves colors and prints and lives in his tailored chinos.

Bonobos are known for their stretch washed chinos, that run around $98. These chinos offer a tailored look, for an affordable price and are exactly what you should invest in if your work attire is business casual.

These chinos do so well that they come in almost any color you could think of. Bonobos also will seasonally offer even additional discounts on top of that $98 price, making them some of the most affordable and fashionable chinos you’ll find. Nordstrom carries Bonobos in their men’s sportswear department and at the end of the season, their seasonal colors can be marked down all the way to $65!

In addition to their chinos, Bonobos offers very fun and interesting printed button downs. Where Robert Graham focuses more on mixing prints, Bonobos shirt’s entail more florals and icons, such as palm trees, giraffes, or flamingos on their button downs.

If you’re a millennial who is confident in your personal style and has the courage to wear a printed shirt that is very out there, this is the store for you. Bonobos is a very trendy and hip store while also being classic enough to appeal to the preppy guy as well.

3. Corporate

Now as we go down the corporate ladder from formal to casual wear, we get to one of the best street style and casual men’s clothing stores in Cincinnati. “Corporate got em” says it all. Ultimately, known for their sought after sneaker selection, Corporate is a men’s clothing and shoe store in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Cincinnati.

Multiple times a year Corporate will have a line out the front of their store of people waiting to get that new sneaker that is in stock. This just shows you how great of a selection they carry, it’s like Black Friday with tents out front just for these men to snag that sneaker.

This store is really great for any guy because whether you love your formal wear or you prefer to rock jeans and joggers seven days a week, every guy needs a solid sneaker in their life. Hellman Clothiers is a superb destination for men’s dress shoes and we have a great sneaker by Trask, but if you’re looking for Nikes, or original Adidas sneakers, then “Corporates got em”.

Especially with the rise of athleisure, sneakers are appropriate no matter what the occasion is. We would like to say that sneakers are not appropriate with suiting, but heck they are! There are tons of articles out from men’s fashion week, showing just that, the sneaker styled with the suit.

In addition to men’s sneakers, corporate sells graphic tees, joggers, sweat suits, socks, hoodies, and just about any casual wear. Believe it or not, Corporate isn’t limited to just men’s clothing, they also carry women’s sneakers and clothing as well. This makes it convenient to pick something up for your significant other when you're stopping to snap a pair for yourself.

As we continue to move down the corporate ladder, we stop at our last store, and the most casual apparel of them all, the sports shop, known as Homage.

4. Homage

We all have that friend, that no matter where they go and what they’re doing, if they have an opportunity to represent their favorite sports team, they’re going to take full advantage of it. If you don’t have that one friend, it’s probably you. If you’re wearing a sports shirt right now, then yes, it’s definitely you!

Aside from the jokes, sports merchandise is great, especially if you find a store with unique and trendy designs. We believe that store in Cincinnati is Homage.

Homage is a great men’s and women’s clothing store located on Vine Street in Over the Rhine. Known for their electic moments and personalities in sports, music and pop culture. Homeage is all about “preserving the old school and creating new legacies” which shows through their designs.

They have everything you can image when it comes to sports apparel and more like koozies, flags, and gloves.

5. H&M

Kenwood Mall is a great one stop shop for your super thrifty and trend savvy shoppers, with stores like H&M, and Forever 21 you can snag a pair of men’s skinny jeans for under $20. However, for more speciality stores and quality garments, I would suggest seeking out those boutiques.

If you're still a college student or on a tight budget, fast fashion clothing stores may be your only option at this moment! While stores like this don't provide you lifetime pieces, they are a great option to keep your wardrobe on style and especially on trend without breaking the bank. 

H&M and Forever 21 are "fast fashion" stores, which mean they are extremely quick to implement trends in their store right when they come from the runway. This is perfect for a budget friendly shopper who wants to stay on trend, however with fast fashion people tend to question labor issues. 

These stores are a great temporary solution however, what I recommend young men in this situation is to figure out what clothing items you wear most often and invest in as many key pieces as you can. 

This doesn't need to be a big effort, even if it's one clothing item per year. With Christmas right around the corner, it's the perfect time to invest in that one pair of designer sneakers you've been eyeing or maybe a designer pair of jeans because you've realized you wear jeans 24/7. 

Whatever it may be, sooner or later you'll realize, that your wardrobe isn't just a beginner wardrobe full of Forever 21 pieces anymore. But now you have one designer shoe, a pair of designer denim, and maybe your first sport coat and you're off to having one of the best wardrobes in town. 




Final Words

So whether you’re the sports guy who works from home and lives in his joggers, or you work on Wall Street in New York City and you’re in town for the weekend looking for the best of the best men’s formal wear, Cincinnati has a great men’s shopping scene.

Hellman Clothiers is unlike many other stores since they're a speciality store, you get to meet the buyer and owner, Chuck Hellman face-to-face. Chuck really enjoys listening to his customers and specifically buying them product that they aren’t able to access.

With new stores popping up like Bonobo’s in Over the Rhine, and our store, Hellman Clothiers, just opening up last October in downtown Cincinnati, this city is in for some great fashion. People threaten that retail is on the decline, but we won’t let that happen! This city is full of culture and they deserve a strong fashion scene to accompany it.

I hope at this point you have distinguished your personal style, life style wardrobe, and budget. Like I previously mentioned, I encourage you to check out every store in Cincinnati because you never know when you'll be pleasantly surprised. However, the point of this post is to help you narrow down your options, let's say if you're in a rush to find an outfit for an event happening the next day. You most likely won't have time to take a scavenger hunt in Cincinnati looking for a suit you can afford!