How To Get Started Adding Fine Men’s Fashion to Your Wardrobe


For many of the articles I write for this blog, I try to channel the advice that I was looking for back when I started investing time and energy into menswear.

For people who are really just getting started with fashion, like I was, what’s typically separating them from starting to look and feel good in the clothes they wear is basic rules and best practices: questions about composing an outfit, matching colors, and looking generally put together.

But what if you’ve gotten a grip on those basic elements, and want to take your style to the next level? After all, once you’ve gotten a sense of the basic rules of outfit composition and styling, splurging on one or two high-end, premium men’s fashion items that you love starts to become an option that’s both really exciting and perfectly practical.

If you’ve never owned designer menswear before, it can seem intimidating or even unnecessary to make the leap into the upper echelons of quality and construction. But, at least in my case, it only takes one experience with a perfectly crafted garment that you can’t wait to wear everywhere to truly understand the difference that premium fashion can make in your life.

So where to start? If you’re looking to start to add premium designer garments to your wardrobe, here are a few potential angles for you to get started adding items to your wardrobe in a way that will encourage you to wear them again and again.

Option One: Start With The Details

Personally, this is the method that I found to be the most useful.

Investing in premium shoes, belts, and accessories is a great way to start to see the benefits of premium menswear without disrupting your daily wear too much. For me, it was an eye-catching pair of suede Chelsea boots that I had been pining after for months.

By making a pair of shoes my first major designer purchase, I was able to simply apply them to the outfits I already loved wearing, enabling me to instantly upgrade the majority of my wardrobe and get the most out of a garment I was completely excited about the opportunity to wear.

Even better, depending on the accessory you start with, you can often score some impressively high quality items for price points lower than your typical sport coat or tailored dress shirt. You can score jaw-dropping leather wallets or handcrafted sunglasses for just a few hundred dollars and enjoy the benefits of your purchase on a near daily basis.

Finally, once you’ve purchased some stunning accessories and integrated them into your regular wardrobe rotation, the areas where you’d get the most use out of a premium garment as a result of your previous purchases will become clear.

Option Two: Upgrade Something You Wear Constantly

Another good strategy would be to upgrade an existing staple of your wardrobe.

This is a common first menswear purchase that I see a lot of people online make: replacing a tried-and-true element of their existing wardrobes, like a neutral button-down or a favorite cut of denim, with a premium replacement.

Like the previous example, this strategy is optimized to ensure that you get the most wear out of whatever you’re spending your money on. After all, if your shiny new purchase is collecting dust in the back of your closet for months, you’re probably not going to reflect on it as something worth your money or your time.

Additionally, this strategy is a great opportunity to get a sense for exactly what “premium menswear” really means: you’ll have the closest thing to an exact comparison of premium-to-standard-quality available, and that can help inform future purchasing decisions.

If you’re feeling especially strategic, you can combine this approach with the previous one and replace the accessory or accessories that you use the most often: a pair of low-cut white sneakers or a pair of daily-wear sunglasses, for example.

Option Three: Upgrade a Full Outfit

For those with a little more financial flexibility, a great way to decide what to upgrade first is simply not deciding.

By upgrading an entire outfit, you’ll be arming yourself not just with one uber-premium outfit hand-selected to make the most impressive impression possible, but also enjoy the benefit of multiple individual pieces that you can add to other parts of your regular wardrobe rotation.

Of all the approaches on this list, I’d say a notable risk with taking this approach is the potentiality for the individual items in this premium outfit to only ever be worn with each other. If you buy premium garments you don’t know how to integrate into your “normal” wardrobe, I think you’ll find that these items are actually more limiting then they are liberating.

But if you keep the greater context of your wardrobe and normal style of dress in mind, this can be a powerful way to transform everything you wear all in one fell swoop.

This approach also gives you the greatest opportunity to take in the wide variety of outstanding options that a boutique like Hellman Clothiers has to offer.

Ultimately, no matter how you approach adding premium garments to your wardrobe, the most important things to consider are the other clothes you already own.

For a lot of guys, premium fashion can feel more like a costume than something they’d actually get enjoyment out of wearing on the day-to-day.

I think this is a shame: there’s no reason why all men shouldn’t be able to feel the boost of confidence and excitement that premium clothes can bring every day. Fortunately, so long as you approach adding new items to your wardrobe with the right mindset, this daily boost of energy is something that’s perfectly achievable no matter how developed your fashion sense is.

Ready to add the perfect premium garment to your wardrobe? Hellman Clothiers stocks a meticulously crafted selection of only the best American and European desingers. Drop by our store in Downtown Cincinnati or visit us online today.