3 Menswear Trends To Keep An Eye On For Fall/Winter ‘18


We might still be living through the last few weeks of (at least in my opinion) a particularly hot and humid summer, but with each passing day, you can start to feel that subtle shift more and more. Indeed, the temperatures are just starting to drop, and before too long, the fall of 2018 will finally be upon us.

And of course, with the return of fall comes the return of fall fashion, a welcome change of pace for fans of layering, scarves, and outerwear everywhere.

It’s no doubt that the opportunity to revisit fall fashions is a reason to celebrate -- but what about those who are interested in doing more than just bringing out favorite cardigans and overcoats from the backs of their closets? Where should people looking to really make a distinctive impression direct their attention, and which new garments will become the iconic pieces-to-own this season?

As purveyors of fine mens’ fashion, these are the kinds of questions that get us excited whenever the seasons start to turn.

We’ve had a full lookbook of Fall/Winter 2018 looks coming to Hellman Clothiers available on our site for a short while, but now that we’ve had a little time to marinate in all the exciting new garments soon to hit our store, we think we’ve finally decided what our favorite upcoming Fall/Winter 2018 trends might be.

Whether you’re more a fan of high formalwear or prefer to integrate premium mens’ fashion into your daily wardrobe rotations, these upcoming trends are a great way to breathe some fresh, exciting life into your upcoming fall & winter wardrobe!

Number One: Warm Colors & Fuzzy Textures


As more and more 70s-inspired designs and trends continue to grow in popularity across many industries, expect a continued increase in popularity of garments and looks that feature warm pops of color and touchable fabrics, such as this tri-color sweater.

Obviously, knitwear has been a cold-weather fashion staple for years for purely practical reasons, but constructing outfits to explicitly show off the texture and detail of these pieces is something we’re excited to see more and more of.

Across our entire portfolio of designers, we’re seeing warm, muted reds, oranges and yellows and increasingly apparent textures make bold appearances in a wide variety of garments.

Garments like these really reinforce everything that makes fall fashion great -- just looking at these outfits presents a sense of warmth and coziness that’s extremely inviting.

If you’re looking to add a garment to your fall wardrobe that makes an impression without necessarily being ostentation, then this trend is an outstanding choice. These garments can be as subtle as you prefer while still breathing fresh life into your wardrobe this fall.

Number Two: Unorthodox Accessories Inspired By Nature

For those looking to add something a little more eye-catching into their fall wardrobes, look no further.


Our fall/winter selection is proving to be full of these accessories sporting natural patterns, and we think they’re the perfect way to make any fall outfit look brand new.

Whether it’s one of these bowties, featuring instantly iconic feather patterns in a variety of colors, or a subtle yet striking snakeskin style belt, these items definitely make a strong impression.

If you’re the type of person who loves for their outfit to be the center of conversation, or are putting together an outfit that you want to feel truly one-of-a-kind, these distinctive accessories are sure to become one of our most recommended options.

Number Three: Classic Garments with Unexpected Twists

While these garments might seem less experimental than the unorthodox prints we’ve just covered, I’d argue that this trend is the most experimental and challenging one featured on this list.

These garments are slightly deceptive: at first glance, they appear to be minor variations on typical fall-time trends, but closer examination reveals just how wildly the designers might have chosen to diverge from tradition.

Take this garment, for example: despite a relatively easy-to-decipher first impression, a close look at this outfit reveals just how unique the outer garment he’s wearing is.


It’s ostensibly an overcoat constructed from a material that gives off the impression of a blazer, draped casually over yet another blazer. What?!

In many outfits, this combination would look completely confusing, but this wardrobe’s expertly chosen contrast of patterns results in an outfit that looks simultaneously expertly put-together and super relaxed. The subtle pop of brown from the belt is another expertly chosen detail that helps to pull the entire look together.

Those with the outfit construction chops to play with proportions and conventions will find plenty of opportunities to make a bold impression this fall, especially aided by the eye-popping designs on offer here at Hellman Clothiers. This is definitely a kind of look only to be attempted by menswear veterans who know the rules well enough to break them.

Ultimately, no matter your sense of personal style, these three Fall/Winter 2018 trends are the perfect way to start thinking about the types of outfits you’ll be putting together this fall.

The colder months of the year have always been my favorites for fashion -- colder weather simply means you can be comfortable more clothes, which means more options. How you choose to express yourself and feel amazing is up to you!

Ready to start building the perfect fall & winter wardrobe? Drop by our store in Downtown Cincinnati or visit us online today.