Why This Brand is the Only Men’s Dress Shirt You’ll Ever Need


Shopping for men’s shirts can be tough. Especially for men who take pride in looking their absolute best, adding a new button-down or casual shirt to your wardrobe often means a dizzying number of details that vary endlessly between different shirting brands.

Perhaps one brand has patterns and designs you love, but irregular sizing that makes your proportions look super weird. Or another fits your shoulders and chest perfectly, but is way too short in the arms. And on and on.

That’s why once I find a brand I know I really like, I stock up and develop a strong loyalty. The first high-end brand I did this with was Common Projects: after one pair, I was hooked. But the next might just be Eton, an up-and-coming name in mens shirting that I think could be the only men’s dress shirt I’ll ever need.

Established in 1928, Eton is a Swedish menswear brand specializing in a broad variety of exceptionally high quality shirts and accessories. Those who aren’t deeply invested in high end menswear might not have heard of Eton’s shirting before, but following a semi-recent brand relaunch and the careful guidance of renowned menswear expert Sebastian Dollinger as Eton’s Creative Director, this company has been gaining some significant traction recently.

One look at their catalog and it’s not hard to see why: Eton is razor-focused on delivering exceptionally high quality shirts to consumers, and it’s surprisingly refreshing to see a menswear brand with such a singular focus.

Eton differentiates from the dozens (hundreds? thousands?) of other companies making high-end men’s shirts by knowing exactly what they excel and and focusing on it exclusively. With a few minor exception, Eton just makes shirts: shirts for all occasions and for all tastes, from the most elegantly neutral of button downs to exciting and innovative patterns and color combinations.  

All this, of course, is to say nothing of the sheer attention-to-detail that makes Eton who they really are: just holding one of their shirts, you get the sense that it is a truly meticulously crafted garment. Eton’s shirting is known for its occasionally playful details: an otherwise-understated crisp white button down transformed by glassy blue buttons, for example, or a blue button down polka dotted with tiny bananas. This eye for detail extends to the construction and selection of materials, naturally: you won’t find a seam out of place.

I’ve long been a sucker for fine details in menswear -- if I’m going to make the investment in a garment at this price range, I want to be in love with every detail of the garment I’m purchasing, from the weight of the collar to the font on the collar tag.

Across their wide variety of styles, from their most casual shirts to their most formal, Eton’s shirts are enthused with providing those kinds of details. It’s an approach that’s confident, exciting, and playful, and demonstrates a contagious passion for the finer details of men’s shirting -- who says button downs have to be boring, anyway?

All of these things contribute to Eton being an undoubtedly quality brand for men’s shirts -- but “the only shirt you’ll ever need” is a particularly bold claim.

However, it’s one I stand by. What makes me feel so definitively about this brand is that careful balancing act between sleek professionalism and eye-catching playfulness to which I’ve previously alluded. I’m someone who primarily used the Internet to teach myself how to dress well, and while there are tons of amazing resources available that can really help newcomers (some I’ve referenced on this very blog), an unfortunate side effect of crowdsourcing your personal style can be a loss of what makes it, well, personal.

After I finished my introduction to menswear, with a closet rife of neutral blue button downs and tastefully dark jeans, I found myself thinking “...okay, now what?” I didn’t want to look like every other ho-hum dude in a regular button down, but also didn’t want to look too much like I was trying to inject personality into my clothes. I wanted something distinctive and fun, but not necessarily showy. It was, and still is, a tough balance to strike.

Eton seems to strike it naturally, almost reflexively. And with options for even my most casual of summer afternoons, choosing reflexively to wear Eton shirts seems like a natural choice. For me, at least, it feels a lot like the only shirting company I could ever need.

And especially as a shirting brand that’s still growing, now’s the perfect time to jump on board and help set the trend.

Ready to make your next button-down an Eton’s shirt? Hellman Clothiers is proud to be an Eton stockist. Drop by our store in Downtown Cincinnati or visit us online to shop Eton and dozens of other exceptionally high quality American and European menswear brands.