Men’s Fashion T-shirts: How To Be Casual and Styling

The men’s dress shirt is a wardrobe staple and a classic piece that’s been around forever. However, there are those days and those events, that no matter how hard you try to dress down the button up and make it casual, it is just too dressy.

Hellman Clothiers is a formal menswear store, but we know even the most fashionable and formal guys have their off days, myself included. So if you’re having one of those days, or going somewhere very casual, but still want to look good, we have three styles of casual shirts that you can always count on.

Starting with the classic polo shirt.


The Polo

Now I’m not here to give you a fashion history lesson, but let’s just say the polo shirt has been around for a long time. The fun fact is that it actually originated on the tennis court. Tennis players used to wear a long sleeve button up shirt with a tie, while playing the sport. If you’ve ever played tennis or even watched tennis you know how uncomfortable that would have been.

In result of the sport and movement it requires, the polo shirt was invented. So even if you aren’t going out to play a rigorous sport for the evening, but are looking for comfort and style, we recommend the polo tee. The polo is classic, but if you buy from the right designers, you can get some great detailing and personality.

If you were looking for a trendier type polo, the different prints on the inside of the buttons and collar have been a big fashion trend this season. Meaning, a polo doesn’t have to be one solid color, have some fun with it and find a polo that shows your style and personality.

The Henley Tee

Now, if you were thinking of an even more casual shirt when you clicked on this post, don’t worry we still got you. Yes, even the polo that was made for a sport can still be a little dressy and restricting if you were going for all out comfort on your weekend off.


The next step down to a more casual tee would be the henley shirt. The henley is all of the comfort from a traditional t-shirt but offers more of an elevated appearance because it still has the buttons that the polo tee would have. The henley isn’t all about just dropping the collar fro the polo, but the fabric that is chosen can oftentimes be a lot softer.

We carry quality and fashion forward henleys from Vince and the Goodman Brand. Depending on the quality of the fabric and appearance a henley can really go from looking like pajamas to a 5 star designer shirt.

A henley is appreciated by majority of men worldwide, so you most definitely could find one in Walmart for under $10 or you could come to our store and invest in a quality henley. These henleys could range at around $100, but the quality is well worth the cost, and we all know henleys are a shirt that we can count on to never go out of style.

The V-neck shirt

Now if you wanted a casual look that didn’t scream “I’m just wearing a t-shirt” then a v-neck is a great option. A v-neck naturally is a bit more feminine, but you don’t have to be feminine to pull it off.

If you have a date night or casual hang out with the guys, throwing on a v-neck with a nice tailored pair of chinos is just what you need. V-necks are usually on the more affordable end and are the perfect go-to in your wardrobe.

We recommend having a few different colors that you can just swap around on the weekend. This makes your life easier and is typically very friendly on your bank account.

If you weren’t quite sure how formal the event was going to be, wearing a v-neck and bringing a blazer with you is always a great idea. A blazer, v-neck and a nice pair of denim is a great business casual look.


The Scoop neck

Now, if you’re the type of person who would really love to go to the grocery store in your pajamas, but know society wouldn’t approve, this type of shirt is just what you need. A nice scoop neck t-shirt that is tailored and fits appropriately.

The easiest way to make a t-shirt look sloppy is by buying too large of a size. You don’t want to be walking around in a baggy shirt. It’ll naturally appear messy and no matter how casual your shirt is, the goal here is to look put together.

We just started carrying some printed scoop neck t-shirts from Sol Los Angeles. They are very stylish and fashion forward for the spring and summer, but offer comfort and the best casual vibe.

Casual Tee Comfort

Material is such a big factor when it comes to picking out the shirt you want to go with. Like I’ve continuously mentioned throughout this article, the reason you most likely want to go wear a casual shirt is for comfort.

Maybe you’ve been wearing your dress shirt all week and on the weekend you get to be as comfortable as you would like. That’s why material is almost more important than style.

If you’re interested in taking up your comfort level a notch without losing your style and reputation, come check out our downtown Cincinnati store. We would love to help you find the perfect casual shirt.