Men's Fashion Summer Shopping List

Depending on the season and menswear trends happening around the world and specifically in Cincinnati, Ohio, we like to create a list of must-have items for every man’s wardrobe.

Fashion trends are constantly changing, especially when seasons change, and our job at Hellman Clothiers, is to keep you guys in the know. The easiest way to do that is to create your shopping list for you.

As you read through this article, we suggest checking off the pieces you have and making a point to get the pieces you don’t. This list is a combination of menswear trends, and classics.

Starting off the list, is the men’s summertime staple, the linen shirt.

1. Linen Shirt

The linen shirt has been around for a very long time. Back then this material was used by the Egyptians for their clothing, and sailors for their boats. Linen is known for strength and durability, so it can function for a range of different purposes.

Linen is also a fabric of spring and summertime due to it’s lightweight and air flow. The airflow allows your body to breathe and release the heat of summer time. It also removes persperation from your skin. So if you sweat a lot, especially during summers in Cincinnati, you may want to add a few linen shirts to your checklist.

Linen typically is a bit less structured than other materials, therefore it gives off a more casual, flowy appearance. Another great casual piece to add to your wardrobe is the white sneaker.

2. White Sneakers


We’ve been non stop talking about the white sneaker since early Spring. The white sneaker has been on every single men’s shoe trend blog post of this year. Sneakers used to only be acceptable with jeans, but now women are wearing sneakers with dresses and men are wearing sneakers with suits. Once you try our Trask sneakers, you won’t ever want to take them off.

3. Tailored Jeans

There’s no surprise here, jeans have always been a wardrobe staple. But, high-end designer tailored denim isn’t owned by everyone and it definitely should be. The tailoring and fit from our denim selection is unbeatable.

Wear it to impress your significant other at dinner, to run errands, or to work with a sport coat and you’ll look will be completely upgraded.

4. Sunglasses

We carry one brand and only one brand of sunglasses for a reason. These men’s sunglasses are unbeatable. Designed by one of the best designers out there, you’re bound to look like the most stylish and fashion forward man at your next outdoor party.

We all know that sunglasses are very functional and were reminded of that on a daily basis. Not only are sunglasses a great fashion accessory, but the sun constantly reminds us how functional they are as well.

5. Woven Belt

A woven belt is the new solid leather belt this season. Woven belts are a bit more casual, and are a great way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. Our men’s belts, come in a few different colors and styles.

Hellman Clothiers is currently special ordering in some FC Cincinnati themed belts, for our newest professional soccer team’s fan base!

6. Tassel Loafers

Second to the classic white sneaker, is the tassel loafer. The loafer, again, is very familiar to the men’s shoe world. The loafer has been around for quite sometime, but with the addition of suede and tassels, the loafer has brought on an entire new look.

We are confident this shoe will turn heads left and right in Cincinnati.


7. Printed Sport Coat

The sport coat, is an item we will always pride ourselves on at Hellman Clothiers. We say the right sport coat could make or break an outfit. We suggest a slightly printed sport coat, to bring your look to the next level.

You can never go wrong with a slightly checkered sport coat, but if you really wanted to make an impression we suggest going with our camo print sport coat. We want all of our customer’s to know that just because you are dressing formal doesn’t mean you have to be conservative with it. Have some fun! Bring some excitement to the office.

8. Ascot

Now this is a trend, that we showcase all over our men’s clothing store. This trend isn’t as “mainstream”, but that’s why we love it! If you want to be fashionable, sometimes you gotta take risks and start your own trends.

If you visit our men’s clothing store in downtown, Cincinnati, you’ll see ascots on about a quarter of our mannequins. We try to incorporate them as much as we can to inspire our customers to try out this new look.

An ascot is a great replacement for the traditional neck tie and we believe it’s a lot more comfortable too.

9. White Dress Shirt

I may be a bit concerned if you don’t already own a men’s white dress shirt! A white dress shirt should be every man’s bread and butter.

It should be your first go-to whether you decide to pair it back to a suit for a formal look, or leave it untucked with a pair of tailored jeans. I wear my white dress shirt at least twice a week.

If you like to add more personality to your outfits and you think the white dress shirt is too plain, all you have to do is add accessories. Some bracelets, an ascot, a woven belt, a nice pair of sunglasses, the options are endless.

10. Chinos

Last, but not least, the chino pant. A pair of chino’s is just as much of a staple as the white dress shirt. They also go hand in hand with one another. For how often you need a white dress shirt, you also need a great pair of chinos to pair it back to.

The chino is the perfect in between if you don’t want to wear a dressy trouser and you think jeans may be too casual. A chino looks like a jean, without the denim fabric. The denim fabric is what makes the jean so casual.