5 Steps To Be the Best Dressed Man at Your Next Formal Event In Cincinnati

If you’ve been invited to an upcoming formal event and want to make an awesome impression, your first thought after taking a look at your wardrobe and not seeing a perfectly-fitting suit already inside might be “...what do I do now?”

I’m not trying to suggest that you aren’t typically perfectly put-together in your day-to-day wear, just that formal attire can be tricky: men typically don’t get a lot of opportunities in daily life to build formalwear essentials in their wardrobe, so when it comes time to get ready for an upcoming wedding or work event, it’s perfectly normal to feel like you’re not sure how to even begin approaching your outfit. 

But thankfully, with a little guidance, looking absolutely amazing at your next formal event doesn’t have to be super challenging. This simple five-step guide should be perfect to get even fashion newbies started in the right direction so that anyone can look absolutely amazing at their next formal occasion in Cincinnati. 

Step 1: Visit Hellman Clothiers

Sure, you could technically go to any menswear boutique in the Cincinnati, but you’re trying to look your absolute best, so Hellman Clothiers is the natural choice. 


Why Hellman Clothiers? Good question -- Hellman strikes the perfect balance of carefully curated brands and diversity of selection, meaning that you’ll be able to find just the right garments to compliment your personal tastes while also remaining secure in the knowledge that everything on offer is of the absolute highest quality available. 

From the highest of high end Italian luxury designers for more ready-to-wear high-end items that you can slot into your daily wardrobe, the selection and quality at Hellman Clothiers is of a caliber you’d typically only get at a boutique in major global fashion cities. As they say, a craftsman is only as good as his tools, and now your tools are ridiculously, ridiculously good. 
And Hellman’s is also centrally located in downtown Cincinnati, so you probably won’t need to change up your daily plans too much to make a quick visit happen. Easy!

Step 2: Discuss your Personal Style

Whether you’ve already developed a tiered list of your favorite purveyors of handcrafted Italian baby merino wool or this is your first time venturing into the world of men’s fashion, the most important thing is that whatever you end up wearing makes you feel good. 

At the end of the day, that’s what men’s fashion should really be all about: making you feel confident, attractive, and ready to succeed, no matter the occasion. 

That’s why one of the first things you should do when shopping for a special occasion is grab a member of the store’s staff and discuss what’s available, what your goals are, and how to find the right clothes for the occasion. What’s the level of formality for the context in which you’ll be wearing this piece? What kinds of clothes do you typically gravitate toward? Is there anything you’re confident you want in a specific piece -- or confident you don’t?

By being open and upfront about what you’re looking for, even if you’re not quite sure what you’re looking for, you’ll be ensuring that the options you end up trying on are the most likely to be the ones that fit your goals. 

Step 3: Try Everything On

This brings us to the next step -- don’t buy anything without trying it on in the store first. I know it can be time-consuming and kind of a hassle, but this might very well be the most important step on this list. 

Brands don’t just vary styling, patterns, material and texture when they design garments -- they also vary the physical dimensions of their clothes to their own personal specifications. This means that sizing will never be perfectly consistent between brands, or even between collections within a brand: some might be designed for taller people, shorter people, people with different proportions, and on and on.

Even if something looks like it’s approximately the right fit, the only way to know if the garment’s cut is flattering on your body is to put it on your body before you take it home. 

The good news is that things don’t necessarily have to be perfect right off the rack: the menswear boutiques that are worth your time typically have tailoring available on-site to make any minor corrections you might need to get something looking just right. 


Step 4: Purchase (or Rent) Said Menswear

The question of whether to purchase or rent a suit or tuxedo when going for formalwear isn’t always necessarily clear-cut. Renting can definitely make more luxury menswear available to those with less flexible budgets, but can also potentially limit your ability to have alterations and customizations done.

When considering whether to rent or buy, you might find it useful to ask yourself some of the following questions: is this garment exclusively going to be worn to a specific occasion, or is there a possibility of getting multiple different uses out of it over the years? Is this something that could potentially fill a hole in my wardrobe in the long-term? Is it worth it to spend the extra cash to get this item to be absolutely perfect for this occasion, or is a to-the-inch precise fit not such a priority? 

I typically also like to look at more expensive clothing on a cost-per-use basis: around two years ago, I splurged on a ludicrously expensive pair of designer boots that I’ve since worn multiple times a week nearly every week since then. They were a big spend at the time, but since they’ve become such a cornerstone of my personal style, they were absolutely worth the extra cash upfront.

Step 5: Turn Heads in Your New Outfit

Finally, after all of the effort it took to get here, you finally get to enjoy the moment that makes the entire process worth it: pulling up to your next formal event looking absolutely unstoppable. 

Many would say that one of the most satisfying parts of dressing well is the compliments and positive reactions you recieve when hitting the town in your absolute finest garb, but in my view, the way that I feel about myself when wearing an outfit that I know is spectacular is what makes it all worth it. 

When you feel impressed and excited with your own outfit, that little bit of confidence, positivity, and happiness that you feel about yourself in that moment radiates out and can transform your entire evening. 

And that’s really it! With a little bit of direction and some help from fashion professionals, there’s no reason why even those with zero fashion experience shouldn’t be able to put together a formal outfit that makes them look and feel amazing. 

If you’re ready to get started, why not drop by their location in downtown Cincinnati to find the formal outfit that’s perfect for you?