Top 6 Suit Accessories to Complete Your Formal Look

Often times men spend so much energy picking out a suit or ordering a made to order suit that they forget how important the additional accessories are. A complete formal look doesn’t just end with the purchase of a designer suit. If you really want to come off as fashion forward then remember to accessorize head to toe.

Forgetting to accessorize appropriately is like eating dinner without getting a dessert, it’s just wrong. No matter how amazing your suit looks, paying attention to those small details makes a world of a difference.

Without further ado, here are the top six accessories we recommend wearing to complete your formal look. Maybe not all of them at one time, but the more the accessories the better in my book.

Traditional tie


A suit can be worn with or without a tie, but if you are going for an elevated look we highly recommend the tie. A tie allows you take off your suit jacket and still look appropriate and formal.

Another great reason for a tie, may be just to add a pop of color or print to your outfit. If your suit and dress shirt are pretty subtle, a tie is an easy way to add some flavor to your look. Even if your suit and dress shirt do already have pattern and color, it’s never a bad idea to go for a mixed print and pattern trend.  

A tie is the most common accessory to wear with a suit, where as the ascot, pocket square, lapel pin are all extra credit type accessories. If you really to go for that simple look and not over accessorize, then just stick to the tie. If you aren’t a huge fan of the traditional tie, or you just want to be a little bit different, we recommend going for a bowtie.


A bowtie is most commonly worn with a tuxedo because it is known to be more formal than an a traditional tie, however I think it just depends on what type of bowtie you go with. For the younger guy, particularly high school or college age, a lot of them tend to go toward a Vineyard Vine bowtie. I wouldn’t say these are more formal than a traditional tie because most of them are printed with animals, christmas decorations, probably some emojis.

But, then you have the other spectrum of bow ties which are made with silk and are a great way to dress up your tuxedo. My personal favorite type of bowtie are the Brackish bowties. These are the most one-of-a-kind bow ties, and really separate you from the crowd in terms of being a fashion icon. These bow ties are handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina. They each take about 4-5 hours to make because every feather is hand selected!


Now an ascot is a Hellman Clothiers fan favorite. Ascots were more common back then, but are making a huge comeback. You’ll see them consistently styled on our mannequins and encouraged by our sales associates.


An ascot is another great substitute for the traditional tie or bowtie. Many men just can’t stand a tight collar and often try to avoid wearing ties and bowties due to be uncomfortable. An ascot is still being tied around your neck, but isn’t necessarily as tight.

This accessory is also a little bit more casual. Majority of ascots will come in a bright, big, and bold prints to make an outfit statement.

Pocket Square

The pocket square is the ultimate side kick to your choice of tie, or bowtie. The pocket square gives you a great opportunity to mix those prints and patterns that we previously talked about.

If you wanted to go for more of an informal formal look I would recommend wearing a dress shirt, suit jacket and pocket square. Most of our pocket squares are from Edward Armah. Armah’s pocket squares are made of 100% fine quality silk.

Edward Armah doesn’t just make your traditional pocket squares, but he also makes a 2-in-1 pocket square and wallet combo. If you’re wearing a tuxedo or very tailored suit, it may look a little tacky to be carrying around a chunky wallet. These pocket square wallets are super thin card holders that go right in the front of your suit pocket and the top of the card holder is a perfectly folded pocket square. These are also great for people who struggle getting that right pocket square fold.

Lapel Pin

This is the smallest suit accessory of all the others listed, but the one accessory that really could make the most difference in you attire. It’s small but mighty.

If you’re a detail oriented person, then a lapel pin is right up your alley. It’s a detail in fashion that you could go with or without, but for someone who wants to go above and beyond and have the complete look with attention to detail then the lapel pin is exactly what you need.

A suit doesn’t always give you the most freedom to show off your personality and style, that’s why people love the lapel pin. You can choose whatever pin you desire that shows off your personal style in a unique way.


Speaking of personality and showing off your individual style. Cufflinks are another fantastic way to show your style and even status. Cufflinks range in price and you’d be surprised how expensive they can get.


A nice quality pair of cufflinks is a fantastic gift idea for a loved one. Functional but ornamental at the same time. Cufflinks are typically adopted for a formal or semi formal event instead of traditional shirt buttons.

Cufflinks come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. Many companies even offer customized cufflinks. A friend of mine recently got married, and she made her husband custom cufflinks with the use of her wedding day flowers. How sentimental and personal is that? They’re planning on passing down the cufflinks to their children in the future.

Complete Your Look

So who said as soon as you got that big corporate job, or simply had to wear a suit for a formal event that you would lose all sense of who you are. Fashion is meant to show off your personality and express yourself through your clothing.

We recommend using these six accessories to complete your formal look, show off your personality, and be the best dressed man in the room. If you’re ready to step up your accessory game, and try out a cool and unique accessory, stop on in our downtown store.