How To Dress For Your Cincinnati Summer Bash


Summer is the busiest time of the year for most people. You have normal work hours, multiple holidays, family gatherings, weddings, vacations, graduation parties, and the list goes on and on. Is your summer wardrobe prepared to take on this many events? If you need some inspiration, keep on reading!

Summer parties in Cincinnati are all about being casual, comfortable, and looking put together all at the same time. Outdoor parties in the midwest, consist of greasy food, a lot of humidity and endless games of cornhole. You have to be prepared for whatever comes your way!

With these details in mind, we have the perfect summer outfit for your or your man! We suggest your summer outfit includes a printed Robert Graham short sleeve shirt, Anderson’s belts, a pair of khaki shorts, and the most comfortable Trask sneaker.

Men's Dress Shirt


Robert graham is known for his eye catching mixed-prints, and one-of-a-kind-trims. You can spot his shirts from a mile away. This is Robert Graham is the shirt of choice for a fun summer party. Your shirt is fashion forward and bold at the same time.

Summer fashion is consistently about bright colors and different prints year after year. In a previous article, I dug deep into the newest trend to hit men’s fashion, mixing prints and patterns.

Robert Graham’s one-of-a-kind trims conquer the challenge of finding the right prints to mix and match. Majority of people love the idea of mixing prints, but are intimidating of the idea that they may just be clashing and not mixing the right prints. That is what is so great about his shirts, they take away that fear and automatically incorporate the trend.

FC Cincinnati players, Sem Dewit, and Paddy Barrett, were both spotted wearing one of our short sleeve Robert Graham button ups. Paddy Barrett wore the Robert Graham shirt while exploring the big apple and Sem Dewit wore it before game day in Cincinnati.

We suggest picking up a couple of these shirts because you’ll love them so much you won’t want to stop wearing them. Once have a your stylish shirt selection, let’s move onto the belt.

Men's High-End Belts


Just because the shirts have so much color going on, doesn’t mean we need to stop there. When men wear belts, they typically go for a black, or a shade of brown. However, we highly suggest adding one more pop of color into your outfit!

Cincinnati men, listen up, because Anderson belts are about to change your summer wardrobe. Anderson belts are individually handmade in Europe, consisting of three quality checks for the best leather and construction of the belts.

The woven belt, is fresh, modern and authentic to Anderson. These belts consist of incredible quality, unique designs, and complete the perfect look for a summer party. Pair this belt back to a Robert Graham shirt and you’re ready for a cookout, a night out in downtown Cincinnati, or family dinner in Over the Rhine.

But, with all of these summer events, comes a lot of walking. Walking means you have a to have a comfortable pair of shoes. That doesn’t mean you pull out a pair of sketchers, instead we recommend our Trask Sneaker.

Men's Sneakers


Our Trask sneaker is our most popular shoe this summer. With sneakers making a huge come back into men’s fashion, it’s a no brainer to get a pair. Comfort and style is the secret sauce to men’s style.

In a previous post, we talk about why quality men's shoes are a top 5 must have item for their wardrobe. And not just any sneaker will do, you'll want the Trask sneaker.

The Trask sneaker is an overall wardrobe essential, not just for your Summer party, but for everyday. Sneakers have made such an impact on men’s fashion this year that they are now acceptable to wear with suits as well.

Specifically the color white, is our most popular, but the sneakers do come in additional colors. Trask as a brand, dove deep into what makes a shoe comfortable. Because they knew, no matter how stylish the shoe is, if you’re in pain, you won’t want to continue wearing them. For women, fashion may mean pain, but absolutely not for men.

Men know they can have the best of both worlds, and therefore they only wear shoes that offer that comfort and style. We think Trask absolutely does it best!

Summer Style Summary

You may be thinking we forgot your summer shorts. We didn’t we just think these three items make all the statement and would suggest wearing your go-to khakis to complete the look. As long as you have a nice tailored pair of khaki shorts, outfit completed!

We hope this post left you guys feeling inspired and excited to make a statement at your next Summer event. We know party after party every weekend can get exhausting and we wanted to help you out a bit.

To get your new Summer look, check out our downtown store. If you aren’t able to make it, give our store a call at 513-579-8255 and we can bring the clothing to you.