5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Designer Denim

Times are changing as people like to say, but it’s true, and especially when it comes to menswear, the fashion industry, and luxury clothing. Luxury clothing used to be strictly for the rich and famous, now it’s attainable for the average Joe.

There are two types of wardrobes the typical man will go for. Either the massive 500+ piece wardrobe, with 100+ ties, 75+ pairs of shoes, 50+ button up shirts, 30+ sport coats, 20+ pairs of jeans, etc. Or on the other spectrum, the increasingly popular minimalist closet full of luxury garments.

The minimalist closet may include 10 nice button up shirts, 2-4 suits depending on how often you wear them, 3-5 sport coats, 5 pairs of shoes, and 3 pairs of jeans.

In the past, more was always better. The more clothing you had represented your wealth. Nowadays that isn’t necessarily the case. Minimalism is becoming extremely popular and not just in terms of fashion, but all areas of your life, people are realizing that less can be more.

So how much do you really need to have a full and functional minimal closet?

Let’s start by focusing on denim, because designer denim is a great example as to why you should invest in quality over quantity. These tips are true for every designer garment, denim or not.

#1. The Luxurious Fabric


Why have 20 plus pairs of average jeans in your closet, when you can have 5 pairs of luxury designer jeans made from the best fabric and constructed to last a lifetime. Our Jacob Cohen jeans, are handmade with the finest japanese fabrics fused with top of the line italian tailoring.

You can immediately tell a difference in fabric between your designer and non designer jeans. A great pair of designer jeans, has style, comfort, and attention to detail in mind. David Beckham has been spotted wearing Jacob Cohen jeans, but like I said, just because a celebrity is wearing them, doesn’t mean you can’t afford them.

Designer jeans are more so adding additional stretch into the denim, giving you that 360 degree movement, without the material stretching out and becoming baggy. You could technically wear a good pair of designer jeans to the gym and feel comfortable—although not highly recommended!

#2. The Flawless Fit

Brands spend years and years perfecting their “fit” because fit is ultimately what sells the jeans. No matter how comfortable it is, and how cool it looks, if it doesn’t fit you just right, you wont be purchasing it.

Fit can be tricky, because most brands will have two to three go-to fits, ranging from skinny to slim-straight, to the traditional straight leg. Skinny is great for the slim man, who doesn’t have much meat to his lower half, the slim-straight will be your average tailored look, and the straight leg will be for the bigger guy, or the guy with muscular quads.

The key to the fit is in the leg. You want it to look like it was designed custom for your leg size, with not too much extra fabric, but also not so tight that it’s pulling on your leg and you can see your leg muscles through the fabric. If you have very skinny legs, and a larger upper half, you may want to lean toward the slim-straight fit, to even out your body so that you don’t look top heavy (this is a personal preference).

Paige Denim started off by just selling women’s denim. They focused on finding the perfect pair of jeans that was comfortable, stylish, and butt-flattering (male or female, this is important). Believe it or not, there is science that goes behind fashion.

Depending on how the fabric is tailored and where the pockets are placed, denim is washed, and other fine details all have an impact on how your behind looks in a pair of jeans.

There are many tricks in the book, but if I have already started to lose you, then all you have to do is come into our store and speak with one of our stylists. They can look at you immediately and have a pretty good idea of what style and cut will look the best on your body type.

#3: The Style


Another reason to go with a designer brand is because they are always two steps ahead of the game when it comes to trends and fashion styles. Designers lead the way in the fashion industry, the more affordable and cheaper brands ultimately just copy the designers.

You probably remember, but just a couple years ago, baggy jeans were in style for men. You either got a straight leg or a bootcut jean and nothing super tailored. Right now, more tailored is the way to go, and the only way to go. If you don’t have at least a little tailoring to your jeans, you automatically look sloppy.

For the younger age group, it seems to be the tighter the better. However, for the average male, we recommend a “slim-straight”. A slim-straight is tailored, but not skinny.

When purchasing a denim to this level of luxury, it’s important to break it down by cost per wear. Think about owning 15 jeans at $75 a piece or owning 2 to 3 pairs at $300 each. You’ll like the way they look and feel, and you may even feel like David Beckham when you put them on.

#4. The Attention to Detail

Not only are designer jeans extremely comfortable, designer jeans are typically hand made. Our Paige jeans are a bit more affordable than the Jacob Cohen’s and are handmade in Los Angeles. For every individual pair of jeans, 27 different hands touch them to ensure they’re just right to hit the stores.

After the jeans are constructed, the fabrics are pre-washed, and wear tested, for quality so you’re getting the best denim possible. If the denim doesn’t pass the wear test, it will not be sent out.

#5 The Long Term Savings

I’ve seen many customers who come into the store and think spending $200 or more on a pair of jeans is the most ludicrous thing they’ve ever heard. After explaining the price and all of the work that goes into creating a luxury pair of jeans, most customers are curious to try on a pair just to see what the hype is.


After trying them on, many people are very surprised. These jeans have the power to make you look and feel like a different person. Once you pair that with the fact you never knew a pair of jeans could be this comfortable, and all of the sudden the price becomes a secondary deciding factor.

So whether it is a pair of designer jeans, a luxury suit, or a pair of shoes, there may be some sticker shock, but in the long run you will most likely be saving yourself more money than you thought. Check out my previous post, highlighting what you should pay attention to when purchasing luxury garments.

If you’re ready to be the next David Beckham and have never tried a pair of designer jeans on, they will be life changing, in the least dramatic way. Come check out our downtown location, and walk out looking like a new man! And remember, less is now more.