Top 5 Must Have Items in Every Man's Wardrobe

As a man, do you ever feel like your wardrobe has holes in it? Just when you think you have everything you need, that one event pops up making you completely lost on what to wear. You then have to run to the store in a panic to pick something up. 

We want to help you avoid that terrible feeling once and for all.

That’s why we’re listing the five essential items that every man should have in their wardrobe, no matter their age or occupation. If you have these five pieces, you will never have an outfit crisis.

So what five items will you get the most wear out of? You’ll see the name of the game is versatility.

navy sportcoat.jpeg

A Navy Sport Coat

A sport coat is absolute wardrobe essential due to the versatility that the garment offers. Most people often go to black first, but navy actually coordinates well with more colors.

Not only is the color easily matched with other items, but the sport coat itself can smoothly be dressed up for a business meeting or formal event, and at the same time, dressed down with a pair of chinos or denim for a casual night out. 

A navy sportcoat is a piece you can get multiple wears per week out of, and that’s why it’s a must own. 

In-store recommendation:

Canali, Pal Zileri Travel Blazer or a textured Solid from Corneliani or Coppley.


Tailored Fit Chinos

Chinos have always been an essential and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. However, when it comes to a chino, the fit is crucial. A fitted pant, verse an unfitted pant, is an absolute game changer. 

A tailored chino elevates your style allowing you to dress the pants up or down depending on the occasion. An untailored chino ultimately gives you a sloppy, unprofessional look. 

In addition to the fit throughout the leg of the pant, the length of the pant is also something to focus on. We recommend a slight break in the bottom for a casual chino pant.

In-store recommendation:

Teleria Zed Italian Trousers, Meyer Wool Gabardine Stretch or Brax Cotton Stretch Chinos. 

dress shirt.jpeg

Dress Shirt

This is an obvious item, but a nice fitted dress shirt is a classic because it can be worn by itself or with it’s friend, the navy sport coat. 

Just like the chinos, if the shirt is oversized it will automatically look careless. Try on a trim fit and a regular fit shirt and see which one fits better. You may think, “I would never be a trim fit,” but you may be pleasantly surprised. Trim fit is essentially just removing all of the extra fabric in the sides of the shirt. You do not need to be stick thin to wear trim fit. 

In-store recommendation:

Jonathan Mezibov or Eton with high performance fabric for a clean appearance. All shirts made with a cufflink option.


Tie or Ascot

Even if you do not need to wear a tie to the office, having one handy ensures you’re prepared for any formal event. A tie is the accessory that is the cherry on top of any outfit. It pulls the entire look together and gives you that extra touch of flare. 

A tie can we worn with a full pant suit and dress shirt, or currently, people tend to wear a tie with a dress shirt, sport coat, and nice pair of denim. The tie can easily be your secret weapon. 

Let’s say you’re going to an event and you are not exactly sure how dressy it is. We suggest always being over dressed as opposed to underdressed. Wear the tie to the event, and then if you were to feel overdressed, all you have to do is slip it off and put it in your bag. This small accessory won’t disappoint.

In-store recommendation:

Italian Silk Neckwear and Ascots from Canali, Eton, Talbott


White Sneakers

Athleisure is a trend that is taking over when it comes to footwear. In the past it was a fashion 911 to wear sneakers with a suit. However, that is currently the biggest trend for men’s shoes

It is appropriate and even encouraged to dress down your sport coat and chinos with a classic sneaker. The sneaker gives off that cool street style or urban guy appeal. You look polished and professional with the sport coat and tailored chinos, but you can come off like you didn’t try too hard by pairing it back to a casual sneaker. 

There is one big fashion rule here, the sneaker cannot be a shoe you’ve worn to the gym before. There is a big difference between a nice leather sneaker and a pair of Air Jordans you play basketball in. 

In-store recommendation:

Trask, the most comfortable shoe you will wear!

Men’s Wardrobe Wrap Up

As they say, you can never be overdressed, but you can definitely be underdressed. These five essentials allow any man to cover all of the bases. Mixing high and low items with proper tailoring is a great way to look professional and polished without having to wear a suit.