Cincinnati Men's Fashion: Top 5 Coats You Must Own

As October is slowly coming to end, we can smell the pumpkin spice in the air, see the cinnamon cookies in our pantries, feel Christmas just around the corner, and winter on our doorstep. Surely, the winter season can be magical. The first snow fall outside and the breathtaking views that come along with it can bring a calm and relaxed state of mind in our homes as much as in our hearts.

However, welcoming winter unprepared can be the biggest mistake ever made. There is nothing worse than going outside in the jacket that you wore in autumn brisk days and not to mention the seasonal cold that you might get. Well, there is something that you can do to avoid unnecessary trouble.

Now it's time to open your closet and go through all the outerwear that you own. Not only rearranging and unpacking the warm and comfortable sweaters and jackets but you might also need to upgrade your wardrobe too. You’ve buckled up, prepared to go shopping, but there is something missing. You don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we have a list for you with the top five outerwear coats and jackets pieces you must own this winter.

Owning these few jackets will surely save you in times of trouble. Rather than blindly following the latest trends go for pieces that are classics and are able to withstand the test of time. They will not only to keep you warm and dry, but you will also look dapper for countless seasons to come.


Leather Jacket

There is no coincidence in putting the leather jacket as first on our top five list.

Owning a leather jacket is a must for every modern and sophisticated man out there. It is a statement piece with as much attitude as masculinity and heritage. It is a way of saying that you are a true man with a bold character. Commonly linked to pilots and worn with aviator sunglasses and with rebellious punks driven by the raging and loud music, but also surprisingly worn with everyday casual yet elegant combinations, the leather jacket is a completely versatile piece of clothing, and here lies its beauty too.

Surely once you decide that you must own one, and you certainly must trust us when we say it, you will notice that this garment will have the reputation of being one of the most expensive in your closet. This is due to the high price in general when it comes to purchasing fine leather. Soft yet durable and long-lasting material in combination with a clean cut and perfect tailoring.


Do things make sense now? Not only should you consider it as a long-term relationship but with proper care, you can leave it as a heritage to be worn by your son. Impressive but it's true. If you pay more, you will get more, it's just the way it is and you shouldn’t even think about getting low-quality, seasonal leather jacket.

When you do go out shopping, seek for “full grain” leather jackets, they are thicker than the usual ones and more stiff at first but don't worry they will get softer over time. Other than carefully choosing the leather itself you need to also carefully choose the type of leather jacket (style) you want to own. Think about the places and occasions you intend on wearing it.

Is it a part of your casual style? Or maybe you want it to be semi-formal? There is the biker jacket (cropped, with an asymmetrical cut, edgy style), bomber jacket (soft and versatile), the field jacket (longer and structured with belt), the racer jacket (minimalistic and without collar), and the flight jacket (incorporated sheepskin on the inside designed for warmth).

If you don’t know what to choose in the vast sea of versatile leather jackets we suggest to you the brand GIMO. GIMO is an Italian brand founded in 1868. What started as a small family business, over the decades of dedicated work and commitment, turned into one of the best brands that offer only high-quality leather in combination with creative styles and contemporary cuts. GIMO is our best selling leather brand.

Sherling Jacket

When the temperatures drop and the water outside starts to freeze, we can say for sure it is pretty hard to stay warm and stylish at the same time and adding one layer on top of another don’t really seem to do the trick. Well, the shearling jacket is here to save you from the cold. The thick layer of sheepskin from the inside will keep you warm while at the same time this iconic coat that was once part of the World War aviators will allow you to look as stylish as in the timeless leather jacket.

How to Wear Shearling

The shearling jacket is a part of your casual attire and with these simple tricks, you should be able to easily incorporate it in your everyday looks. The super-practical wide collar that can be risen gives you a dominant yet fully-functional look. If you want to go with “I am a modern yet classic man” look, you can easily combine your favorite shearling jacket with a pair of slim fit jeans and a fitted pleated shirt with subtle design. If you want to achieve more of a business casual look than consider pairing the shearling jacket with a one-colored roll-neck sweater, a pair of simple slim straight leg trousers and semi-formal shoes.

How To Take Care Of Your Shearling

Once you purchase your shearling coat, you will notice that is an expensive item to own with prices above $100. After all, this seems reasonable knowing that we are talking about natural material so the last thing you want to do is ruin it by not taking proper care of it. The outer layer of the jacket is indeed susceptible to stains especially the one from water so you need to regularly apply a silicone spray to it in order to protect it. Another important thing is never dry it dryer but instead leave it to dry naturally. If you happen to have your jacket for a longer period of time, we are talking years, instead of trying out different techniques, you need to seek professional help.

Technical Outerwear

Since the winter is almost here so do the fun winter activities that come along with it such as skiing, snowboarding, and hiking. If you are the adrenalin type, almost always searching for an adventure and excitement, you are probably familiar that a technical outerwear is a must when it comes to the outside activities. Not only it will keep you warm but it also comes with a lot of technical features that will make your skiing/snowboarding/hiking adventure easier.

Years and years of dedication, innovation, and technology have brought up to this point where our jackets are designed in a specific way to withstand in the worst natural circumstances.

First, we are going to hit it off with their colors. Almost all of the technical jackets are designed with bright and vivid colors. Well, this is not from a fashionable aspect but more from a practical one. Imagine being lost on a mountain, surely then you will want to have a bright jacket that would be visible from a great distance. Next thing is their lightweight. They are created from modern and advanced materials that are light but durable, windproof, waterproof, and breathable.

They can be divided into hard-shells and soft-shells. The hard ones are made from a number of layers (two or three) and are fully weather resistant. They can protect you from strong winds, and unexpected snow or rain. On the other hand, the soft-shells are light and stretchy usually worn in dry climates. They are not so much waterproof as they are breathable.

Sometimes if you are in doubt what to wear in order to stay dry during the season of snow and rain, always remember the three layer-rule. No, we are not talking about a three-layer cake, but instead about the way, you must dress in order to survive in the wilderness. Always put on a base, then a mid-layer, and finally top-shell layer.

Although the technical jacket was invented specifically for the outdoor activities as a protection from the harsh weather conditions, this doesn’t mean that you can`t successfully incorporate it in your everyday wear. Wear it with your favorite pair of pants for a walk in the park, or when visiting the nearby mountain.

Quilted Jacket


This type of jacket is usually worn in-between seasons. Feeling too hot with a thick jacket or too cold with a trench coat? This jacket can be flawlessly incorporated as a topcoat in your combinations. What was once considered to be a haunting/fishing jacket over the years it has become a modern and versatile must-own for every man's wardrobe.

We can even say that despite the odds and its weird history, not only it is a must-own but the quilted jacket is usually linked with the upper-class gentry. It is a symbol of aristocracy, elegance, and formality. The diamond style design that is usually seen on this jacket is also its trademark and what this trademark means is that you get to wear this jacket to semi-formal occasions and events. Comfortable yet stylish and even more, semi-formal, seems like you have the solution when you don’t want to look too casual by wearing a leather jacket for instance.

You don’t know what to pair it with? Don’t worry, we will help you. Since we`ve already mentioned that this jacket is business casual or should we say semi-formal when you do want to include it for that type of events you can pair it with a pair of chinos, or trousers, semi-formal shirt and a pair of boots such as the Chelsea boot or the Chukka.

When it comes to choosing the right color you can always go with the timeless navy blue that will complement most of your combinations or if you want to stand out from the crowd you can go with deep olive green (military green). As you`ve found out that this jacket was first and foremost worn as a haunting jacket it's no wonder that its primary color was green.

Top Coat (Overcoat)

Sadly, we've reached the end of our list, but we've saved the best for last - The Overcoat.

If you consider yourself a true classical gent and you find yourself wearing a suit rather more than often, let's say your job demands it, you must own at least one perfect overcoat. The combination of suit plus overcoat is a butter and bread one! As soon as you try your overcoat on top of your favorite suit, you will know what are we talking about. You don't even have to wear it wear it, you can just throw it effortlessly around your shoulders and look like a million bucks in an instant.

Almost all of the overcoats are created with a wider cut since they tend to go over your suit jacket but don’t be fooled you won't look like a sack of potatoes. On the contrary, the wide cut will give you comfort and elegance at the same time. It will even out your body and elongate your silhouette.

Much important and unavoidable aspect when purchasing an overcoat is its material. If you want an everlasting winter essential thеn you should look for high-quality wool fabric that is created for the sole purpose of withstanding the harsh winter conditions. Other than the fabric, and surely the cut, you must know that the truly exceptional top coats are lightweight too.

Everything that we've said about choosing the right top coat for you can be sum up in nothing more than a few words, pay close attention to the fabric. If you choose the right fabric, you've probably done the job properly! Yup. Done. Nothing to worry about.

It will fall perfectly- enhancing your body type, keep you warm, and additionally be lightweight.

Radiate simplicity, elegance, and formality. Dominate.


Well, we are hoping that we’ve made the entire shopping a bit less intimidating and scary. By narrowing down what you exactly need instead of purchasing everything that seems trendy. You are one step closer to building up not only your casual style but also your formal attire.

First things first, aim to have all these five items and then you can move on to upgrading your wardrobe even more. If you do want to choose from the best selection of garments on top of impeccable customer care, and devoted and friendly employees than you should make a stop to Hellman Clothiers, in downtown Cincinnati. Everything you have envisioned, we have it.